Newcrest Orange Challenge

Tips and training

Preparing for your ride


Nutrition tips

Keep yourself fueled and power through the kilometres at Newcrest Orange Challenge with Winner Bar's nutrition tips.

Sarah Anne's event preparation

A long distance cycling event is no small undertaking, but with the support of Sarah Anne (Founder & Head Coach at Karmea) it will be a hugely rewarding experience.

Warm up ride

Need a short spin to warm up the legs or just want to discover more cycling in Orange? Here are two loops recommended by the locals to get you started.

Join the club

Bicycle Network’s Strava club has a whole host of like-minded athletes and regular training rides. Join the club and stay tuned for local training rides in the lead up to events near you.

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Get ready for your ride!

Training plans

Our friends at Karmea have helped tailor Newcrest Orange Challenge training plans for all three ride distances to support you in your training and preparation for the Aussie Classic.

There is no better way to achieve something amazing than by smashing what you thought wasn’t possible – now is your chance to set your goal and start training.

70km training plan

Newcrest Orange Challenge 70km ride
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100km training plan

Newcrest Orange Challenge 70km ride
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170km training plan

Woman cycling in Orange NSW
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Special thanks to Winners

Event nutrition

Newcrest Orange Challenge nutrition pack – Save 30%

The Newcrest Orange Challenge Nutrition Pack contains a mix of products to help ensure you have the nutrition you need to train for the event and perform at your best. Winners Energy Bars are a great source of low GI carbohydrates, whilst the gels and chews give you the quick energy boost to maximise performance throughout every session.

Winners 10% discount offer

Winners are offering a 10% discount on for all riders participating in the Newcrest Orange Challenge 2020.

Use coupon code: Orange20

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