Men’s Health Night

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To recognise Men’s Health Week, we teamed up with Curve Cycling, Movember, FYXO and the Spin Room to put on a Men’s Health social night. Four guest speakers on the night discussed everything from mental health to physical fitness and juggling work and family commitments.


Josh McLellan – The Spin Room

Josh is an instructor at The Spin Room which is based in Melbourne, VIC. If you have ever been to one of his classes you will know he likes to push his group to the limit so they can be better out on the road when it counts.

He likes to push himself as well, completing the notorious Peaks Challenge Falls Creek event as an 9-hour wave leader for Team Bicycle Network.

Josh will speaks on the importance of physical health, sharing some tips and tricks for staying on top of your game even when you have a lot on your plate.

Kieran Ryan – Movember

Kieran’s involvement with Movember started off as a bit of laugh, growing a mustache to raise awareness for a great cause. But after two mates took their own life he took it upon himself to raise awareness and funds.

Four years ago Kieran decided to run 100km in just 12 hours. He wanted to take on a task that would raise awareness but he also wanted to take on something that would test him. He wanted people to see that it was hard and it was a battle showing people that if they fought hard and didn’t give up they might win their fight.

Kieran now heads up corporate development at Movember continuing his fight to raise awareness for men’s health.

Andy White – FYXO

Andy is the director of fyxomatosis. FYXO has long been known as a world-class purveyor of classic bikes, is an online urban cycling lifestyle brand synonymous with good photography, custom bike builds, and cycling inspired events.

Even from only meeting Andy briefly it is evident that he lives and breathes Cycling or just being around bikes in some shape of form.

Andy shares some thoughts and stories about how he incorporates cycling into the many facets of his day-to-day, finding his balance of work and life.

Jesse Carlsson – Curve Cycling

Jesse is a former BMX champion, Curve Cycling Director and endurance cycling competitor, winning the 2015 Trans America Bike Race.

There is no doubt Jesse is able to find his mental and physical limits, pushing past them in some of the most epic cycling challenges.

In this speaker series, Jesse shares some stories of how he uses cycling as a way to find mental stability.

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