Great Vic Bike Ride

The mini Great Vic

We partnered with local legends FYXO to give riders a taste of the Great Vic Bike Ride at this year’s Melburn Rooabaix with mulled wine, live entertainment and more!

Melburn roobaix

Highlights from the day

We were stoked to see 1500 bike riders visit tent city and pick up some toasty warm mulled wine as they entered the mini Great Vic Bike Ride. The just like the proper event itself we also had some live entertainment, with an acoustic performance from local Melbourne artist Rory Matthews.

The full great vic experience

This was just a taster


You will see live performances and so much more at this year’s Great Vic Bike Ride including two onsite bars serving craft beer and local wine, an outdoor cinema and a comedy night.

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Sleep it easy
Sleep it easy

Don’t have a tent, or don’t want to deal with your own? Our brilliant team will pick out a prime spot at each campsite and set up a dome tent for you each night so you can kick back at the end of a day of riding.

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The riding

Riding along Melbourne’s cobbles is great fun, but nothing is quite like riding through the Victorian Alps and by the mighty Murray. Tall trees, wide open roads and beautiful farm lands all await you, oh, and don’t forget the wineries and breweries along the way.

Ride options

Bonus 80s Inspired tee

Need more convincing?

Since beginning in 1984, Victoria’s favourite annual regional ride is now 35 years young. It’s a rite of passage for bike riders but has also established a proud reputation for being more than just a cycling event.

To celebrate the anniversary we have created a retro 80s inspired tee, a throwback to the good ol’ days. The tee features icons of the 80s and a nod to the future – tetris pieces and Ned Kelly’s helmet. This year’s ride stops at Glenrowan you see, the site of the last stand. 

Get this tee for free when you enter by using the promo code ROOBAIX. You’ll also save $100 across all ride options by entering today.

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