Great Vic Bike Ride

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Give your students the chance to experience a school camp like no other at the Great Vic Bike Ride. You’ll join a rolling bike festival of 5 or 10 days riding through some of Victoria’s (and surrounding states) most scenic destinations during late November and early December.

It gets students outside and active, but it also develops camaraderie, independence and teaches the value of achievement.

You’ll take away students excited for an adventure and return with a group of resilient people united by a life achievement. You’ll also find that with a growth in maturity, school performance also improves.

School students on the Great Vic bike ride

What’s included?

Bicycle Network takes care of everything from the campsites, food and medical to full on-route support so all you need to worry about is having an amazing time with your students, parents and fellow teachers on two wheels!

We also provide entertainment, sporting equipment, special food vendors, retailers and an environment like no other, it really does feel like another world.

Don’t just take our word for it

What the students are saying…

“The best thing about the Great Vic Bike Ride is how everyone on the ride, even people you don’t know are always willing to get behind you and help you get up that hill, fix your bike or just have a chat with you on the ride.” Molly – Fitzroy High

And the teachers too…

“We took our first Toorak College Great Victorian Bike Ride team away in 2004 which consisted of six students, two staff and one parent. In 2013, we had grown to a total of 53! That statistic in itself is testimony to the worth of this event for adolescent students and their parents. They return full of self-satisfaction, independence, resilience and flexibility. They have learned about commitment, respecting all manner of cyclists, determination appreciating and learned something of the geography this state has to offer. This realisation is priceless and everlasting.”

See it for yourself…

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