Great Outback Escape

Meet the team

Get to know the Bicycle Network team members who will be joining you on an unforgettable adventure through the Red Centre.

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Meet the team


General Manager, Public Affairs – recreational rider.

I look after the team that campaigns and pressures all levels of government to make it easier for people of all ages and abilities to ride bikes.

Looking forward to

This ride is going to be something special and unique and unlike any other event I’ve worked on. After spending months talking about it and planning, I can’t wait to see it all come together. This will also be my first time visiting the NT.

Fun fact

A recent finger injury has hindered my AFLW career, but I hope to be back in the big league as soon as possible!


Rider Services team leader – regular commuter (single-speed rider).

My role is to head up the customer service and support team at Bicycle Network, which is why many of our riders might already have dealt with me!

Looking forward to

I’m really looking forward to experiencing Central Australia for the first time (and hopefully being able to get out for a pedal at some stage myself)! It will also be nice to put faces to the names I’ve had so much interaction with over the past year of organisation for the event.

Fun fact

Growing up in the country, I used to do a lot of riding with my dad. I was a very spaced out character who liked to take in all of my surroundings except what was in front of me. This meant that I crashed a lot – riding into ditches or potholes, or once by even riding straight into a kangaroo that was crossing my path!


Event Manager – holiday bike rider / two-wheeled explorer.

I am the Event Manager for Great Outback Escape. I also manage Around the Bay, and work on all of Bicycle Network’s other great events. I returned to Bicycle Network last year working part time after taking maternity leave. 

Looking forward to

I’m really looking forward to meeting all the riders on Great Outback Escape. What a unique experience we are all going to enjoy together, it’s unlike any other event I have worked on in the past.  I also have family living in Alice Springs, so I’m also looking forward to grabbing a coffee with them in their home town.

Fun fact

The last time I was in the Northern Territory I was only a kid and my two front teeth feel out on the first day of our holiday. I’m looking forward to some new photos with me smiling properly!  


People Operations Manager – regular commuter (survived an 86km roller coaster day in the saddle with Jaimie on the Great Vic).

I look after the Bicycle Network volunteer program as well as our office team.

Looking forward to

I can’t wait to meet all the riders who we will be sharing a once in a lifetime experience with, and am most looking forward to watching the sunrise at Uluru!

Fun fact

I was born and raised in Alaska, where I lived in a converted igloo. I moved to Melbourne in 2015 and started working for Bicycle Network in 2017.


Bike Parking Manager – regular commuter, Peaks Challenge wave leader and training ride coordinator. 

I supply and install bike parking for end of trip facilities, include at new constructions, body corporate apartments, street bike parking and schools. I also run our internal active commute / riders club and get involved in most of our activations, programs and events.

Looking forward to

I’m looking forward to working with a small group of riders and getting the opportunity to provide a more personal touch on this event. I’ll be helping putting bikes together and maintaining them throughout the trip, as well as providing general hospitality support to our guests.

Fun fact

I can rap Eminem whilst standing on my head.


General Manager, Events – regular commuter, recently dabbled in “snow biking”.

As the General Manager of Events at Bicycle Network I get to be involved in all of our events. I have the great job of leading the events team that provides you these challenging and spectacular events.

Looking forward to

The best thing about this event is we only have a small bunch of riders, so it gives me the opportunity to get to know you all over the nine days. I’m also looking forward to exploring this region, it sure is a spectacular part of Australia.

Fun fact

I can say the alphabet backwards in less than 30 seconds.


Owner, Pedal Power Garage – mountain bike rider, recently started BMX racing with my 6-year-old son.

I currently contract to Bicycle Network through my business Pedal Power Garage, as a supplier of mechanical support for events.

Looking forward to

I’m really looking forward to meeting a bunch of new people, and sharing the experience of taking in some of our country’s most iconic sights and locations.

Fun fact

The weirdest job I have had as a bike mechanic was working behind the scenes on an MTV reality TV show called Are You The One: Second Chances. I’m sure I will have time to tell the entire story over the course of this amazing ride!


Event Coordinator – recreational rider.

I look after the site operations for Around the Bay and Newcrest Orange Challenge, and community engagement for the Great Vic Bike Ride.

Looking forward to

Really looking forward to exploring the NT and working on an event that has a tourism focus to it. I travel as much as I can and can’t wait to see what Central Australia has to offer, and make sure our riders definitely feel like they are on holidays with us.

Fun fact

The furthest I’ve ever ridden was on the Great Vic Bike Ride in 2017, when I rode 86km from Bairnsdale to Maffra. It was my first time on a road bike and I have never seen so many rolling hills! Most rewarding day on the bike thanks to my team mates Lauren and Luke.


Volunteer Coordinator – recent riding convert, after spending a day in the saddle on this year’s Great Vic.

I’ve been a Volunteer Coordinator at Bicycle Network for almost 12 months, after completing an internship here the year prior. I’m so lucky in my role that I get to work with wonderful people and at the same time experience amazing events like this one.

Looking forward to

I’m most looking forward to meeting all the riders, who I know we’ll get to create some amazing memories with over the week. I’ve never been to the Northern Territory, so I’m also looking forward to seeing all the spectacular places we’ll visit.

Fun fact

I love all things sport and am a massive Geelong Cats fan!


Event Manager – recreational (fold-up Brompton rider).

I get more people riding by delivering awesome event experiences! I’m currently the Event Manager for the Great Vic Bike Ride and Peaks Challenge, having started at Bicycle Network as an intern a few years back. I’m also the self-appointed Workshop Queen, leading the team who build, prepare and pack all our event equipment.

Looking forward to

10 days in one of Australia’s most iconic regions, with a gun team and a small group of riders, plus fancy hotels, nice meals and some good swimming locations! What’s not to look forward to?!

Fun fact

I represented Marybrough in the state lawn bowls championships when I was 16 in a mixed team with my gran, mum and sister!


Route Coordinator – regular commuter.

I’m a route coordinator focusing on Around The Bay and the Newcrest Orange Challenge. This means I spend a lot of time on google maps, working with our support teams, our traffic management and with various councils to ensure the best riding experience for our events.

Looking forward to

I’m looking forward to visiting a part of Australia I haven’t yet experienced. I’m keen to experience some of the culture and look forward to seeing our team deliver what is sure to be a great rider experience.

Fun fact

As well as bike riding, I’m a big Formula 1 fan, and love sporting my brand new Renault cap!

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