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Tuesday 21 April

Day 4 – Milford Sound cruise (rest day)

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Take a break from the bike, rest your legs and discover why Milford Sound in the heart of Fiordland National Park is a natural wonder…

Activities & highlights

No trip to New Zealand’s South Island is complete without a visit to the magnificent Milford Sound in the World Heritage site Te Wāhipounamu.

We’ll begin the day with a drive along the spectacular alpine route to Milford Sound. It’s a three hour drive, but we’ll have stops along the way to stretch the legs and take photos.

You’ll need to keep an eye out for the cheeky keas, the only alpine parrot in the world. They’re so affectionate towards humans that they’re sometimes called the clown of the mountains!

Once we get to Milford Sound we will board Go Orange’s Milford Haven and cruise through the colbalt blue waters and be treated to 360-degree views of towering peaks and surging waterfalls.

We’ll keep our fingers crossed for rain, because that’s when Milford Sound is at it’s most spectacular as thousands of temporary waterfalls emerge. If it does rain we will be able to keep dry on the Milford Haven.

Go Orange Milford Sound Cruise

What's included?


  • Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, dinner
  • Milford Sound cruise
  • Garden view room at Mercure Queenstown Resort


  • Breakfast, morning tea, lunch, dinner
  • Milford sound cruise
  • Lake view room at Mercure Queenstown Resort


Mecure resort

We are back for another night of luxury at Mercure Queenstown Resort.

After a big day on the road and cruising Milford Sound, you won’t have any trouble resting tonight!

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