Great Kiwi Escape

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Additional activities

In addition to 9 days of unforgettable riding in the South Island, there is a range of exciting activities available for you to book separately.

With many unique experiences on offer, there is something for everyone, no matter how you want to spend your spare time off the bike. To customise your Kiwi experience, browse through the full list of activities below.

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Glowworms cave tour

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Here are the answers to your most common questions. If your question isn’t in the list, please contact us on 1800 639 634 or via our contact page

What type of bike should I bring?

We recommend bringing any bike that you feel comfortable on for riding 100km+. If you opt for a road bike, we suggest using wider tyres of around 28mm-35mm for the best riding experience.

How can I get my bike to New Zealand?

Most airlines will allow you to travel with your bike for handling fee (approx. $25). Here are some useful links on how to pack your bike but we recommend checking your chosen airlines website for details.

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What is the total distance of the ride?

The will cover 469km with a rest day on day 4.

Can I do the glow worms tour in Te Anau with a Premium ticket?

Yes, glow worms tours are an optional extra for Premium tickets.

I'm keen to volunteer. How do I get involved?

We welcome expressions of interest from interested volunteers from the local community in NZ. Applications will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Please send your details through to

When are balance payments due?

The remaining balance payments are due by 5pm Friday 25 October 2019

As outlined in the Terms and Conditions, balance of payments not received by the 5pm Friday 25 October will be deemed incomplete and Bicycle Network reserves the right to cancel the ride participant’s entry.

Riding on event

Road and route

We will be fully supporting you on your ride through the South Island. On some days, riders will be on buses from the hotel to a location to commence riding. All riders will start together, with a big cheer!

There will be directional signage, rest areas, nutrition, water and mechanics along the route. And, if it all gets a bit too much, give us a call and we’ll come pick you up and bring you back to the accommodation.

Each day the route will have an official close time. This time is based on a slowest riding time of 15km/h, plus plenty of time to stop for photos and admire the scenery. The times will have you back at the accommodation ready for activities and evening meals. It also allows the Bicycle Network team to pack down and set up the following day, plus enjoy the evening with you.

Road conditions

A cycling tour through New Zealand is best done with a mix of on-road and off-road riding. Most of the riding on the Great Kiwi Escape will be on sealed surfaces between tranquil towns and we will often have the roads to ourselves.

Riding on days two and five include some challenging climbs, but Bicycle Network will be supporting you the whole way. If you are embracing the holiday spirit and would rather enjoy a longer lunch in town rather than tackle the rolling hills, we will have four-wheeled transport waiting for you on these days.

Known as the Great Rides, New Zealand has a beautiful network of cycle trails that showcase country towns, local produce and nature at their best. On the Great Kiwi Escape we will explore sections of four of these trails – Around the Mountains Trail, the Queenstown Trail, the Alps to Ocean Trail, and the Little River Rail Trial. The sections we explore are all grade one or two, meaning most bikes including touring, hybrids and road bikes with 32 mm plus tyres are suitable. The trails are smooth and typically have firm gravel or are sealed with gentle climbs.

On-event bike transport

Most days on event we will be transporting your bikes to the start location. All bikes will need to be packed onto the trucks between 5:00pm – 6:00pm the previous night as we head off early each morning and bike loading will not be possible. Your luggage will be packed on the buses each morning as you hop on the bus.

Bikes do not need to be packed away in boxes during the event. We will assist with packing the bikes each night.

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