Week 9

The four-week cram

We are at the end of Winter – woo hoo!

If you’ve been out riding, I trust you’ve encountered your first magpie swoop as a welcome to spring. Along with the maggies, spring also brings United Energy Around the Bay, so it’s time to enter the training home-stretch.

No matter how dedicated you have been to your training, there is always a creeping doubt that starts to shadow your efforts as you near the goal event – and that’s completely normal!

This is one of the reasons I tend to harp on a bit about being consistent from day one and making regular, small chunks of effort.

By employing the ‘1%er’ methodology, you are set up with a very stable fitness base and are ready to being peaking in those final weeks without having to cram and do all the work at once.

Right now though, you have been gifted with all of September to make a difference. Yep, you can do some pretty amazing hard work in just four weeks, taper off in the final fifth week and boom, you are ready for the big show on Sunday 7 October!

Let’s do it!

This week is simple. I’m going to provide a plan that will get you to start and the finish of United Energy Around the Bay. Lets not muck around here and get straight to business.

Program details – the four-week cram

This is a generic program that you can adjust and make allowances for, depending on your time and fitness. It is based on the ‘bare minimum’ to give you a better base than you have now.

Each element of the program includes a figure from the ‘Rate of Perceived Exertion’ (RPE) scale to help you understand how hard you need to work. It is handy because not everyone can measure power or heart rate.

You can of course adapt and adjust the program to suit you and by using this article, checklist and program you can confirm you are on the right track.

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