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What's new in 2019

After listening carefully to your feedback we’ve made some changes to United Energy Around the Bay to make sure it’s the best day you’ll have on the bike all year.

Thanks for your help shaping an iconic Melbourne event.


What's new in 2019

After being established 27 years ago by volunteers, United Energy Around the Bay has always been a community event that lets people celebrate bike riding in their way.

In 2019, you can expect the same on-route support from Bicycle Network, with rest stops set up around Port Phillip Bay to give everyone a place to relax, refuel and get all the moral support they need.

However, for this year’s ride we have made a few upgrades that further improve the experience, with general changes including:

New ride options

We’ve carefully picked nine ride options, ranging from family-friendly 20km and 50km rides, right up to the full 300km loop of the bay. These routes incorporate all of the most popular sights and stretches of road, while offering a suitable ride for all ages and abilities to enjoy. There are also rides starting in Sorrento and Geelong so that people from right around the bay can easily join in the celebrations.

See all nine ride options here.

Improved riding conditions

The riding routes have been adjusted to include less freeway riding, more closed and traffic managed roads, and extended stretches of Melbourne’s iconic coastal riding. We’ve also upgraded the rest areas with plenty of fresh food options and nutritional support, and will be working closely with VicRoads to ensure a thorough pre-ride sweep and clean of the roads is executed. 

Even more celebrations

We’ve fired up the finish line festivities at the Albert Park event village with more live music, food trucks, family activities and entertainment. We will also make sure the on-site bar and celebrations will be kicking on until after the last rider crosses the finish line. 

Learn more about what’s happening at the village here.

Read more about some of the specific changes to each ride options below.

Short distances – 20km and 50km

Family riding Around the Bay
What’s new
  • A new family-friendly 50km route that keeps everyone’s favourite bits (like the West Gate Bridge) and adds more picturesque bay views, with a family-friendly Elwood loop on closed roads.
  • A mega family rest area at Elwood to keep the party rolling all the way back to Albert Park.
  • The 20km route will remain on fully-closed roads to create a fun riding environment for the whole family.
  • We’ve fired up the finish site celebrations with more free family activities, live music, cycling expos, food, drink and entertainment.
  • Best of all, kids under 15 years old ride for FREE!
50km ROUTE

Mid distances – 100km and 135km

What’s new
  • A range of ride options to choose from, including the 100km Frankston return, 100km Sorrento-Melbourne and the 135km Geelong-Melbourne.
  • A streamlined rest area experience with plenty of fresh food options and nutritional support.
  • 6.5km of closed roads between Safety Beach and Mount Martha so you can soak up the best of the coastal views.
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Longer distances – 200km to 300km

What’s new
  • We’ve made a new start line schedule that makes sure everyone gets on their way to the ferry in good time and even better spirits.
  • We’re minimising freeway riding by diverting through Altona and Point Cook and using dedicated bike lanes whenever possible.
  • The new route avoids on/off exit ramps as well as the new residential areas.
  • A huge focus for this year’s event will be ensuring the route is fully and thoroughly swept before the ride. We have developed a comprehensive cleaning schedule with VicRoads to ensure the best possible riding conditions for all riders, with particular attention being paid to the Princes Freeway.
  • We’ve upgraded rest stops for a more streamline experience, and will be stocked up on plenty of fresh food options as well as other nutrition and hydration support.
  • For the first time you can win cash prizes as KOM and QOM of Arthurs Seat thanks to Winners Sports Nutrition. Learn more >
United Energy Around the Bay
The 300 Club
  • Priority ferry boarding for 300km riders will help keep the cut-off time at bay
  • We’ve supercharged the finish line party to ensure the music is pumping and drinks are flowing until after the last rider crosses the finish line.
  • All 300km riders receive a special event jersey to welcome them to the 300 club.
300km ROUTE

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