United Energy Around the Bay

2018 Jersey

In 2018 we want you to ride your way. With multiple ride options there’s a distance to suit everyone, but there was another choice we gave you too…

Decide the design

You voted and the jersey has been decided! The four design options received a total of 1198 votes, with the winning design getting 394 votes – just 31 more than the runner-up!

United Energy Around the Bay 2018 jersey front
The jersey

The selected jersey was designed to be highly visible, but still contemporary – a jersey you would want to wear but also makes you stand out on the road. Just imagine 10,000 people on bikes wearing bright magenta!

The jersey also features a reflective strip across the back pockets for extra visibility in low light.

Across the jersey are some icons of Melbourne’s skyline, the places that make our city unique, and the places you will ride your way past. View the jersey sizing chart here

United Energy Around the Bay 2018 jersey back

Ride your way past icons of Melbourne, whether around the whole bay or a more relaxing day, the choice is yours around our city’s great shores.

Want to snag one for yourself?

Grab yourself an early bird entry to the United Energy Around the Bay and receive a bonus event jersey valued at $90! Not only will you be locked in for the ride, but you will also scrub up as nicely as Team Bicycle Network rider Simon Belleflamme pictured here.

Thanks to everyone who voted and helped decide what 10,000 riders will be wearing this October.

United Energy Around the Bay 2018 jersey

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