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Supporting your ride

United Energy Around the Bay is the ride for everyone. It doesn’t matter what bike you ride, how many kms you do or what you wear, Bicycle Network’s Women’s Community is here to support you. 

When it comes to riding in United Energy Around the Bay, there’s a number of ways in which we are working to make sure that you’re not only prepared but that you have an unforgettable day. 

Training resources and support

We want to make it easy for as many women as possible to take part in Around the Bay. Choose your distance, check out our training plans and see what events and skills sessions we have planned.

Ride leaders and ambassadors

On event day, we’ll have Women’s Community ride leaders and ambassadors riding across all ride distances. They will be there to offer support, encouragement and hold a steady pace. 

Pre-ride meeting point

Before the ride, we’ll have a special meeting point for all of our Women’s Community riders. You’ll get the chance to meet other women and our ambassadors before starting the ride together.


Ride with us

Build your confidence, improve your bike fitness and connect with other women as you get ready to ride in the United Energy Around the Bay. 

To join us, simply use the promo code RIDEWITHUS when entering Around the Bay. Already registered? Shoot an email to fionan@bicyclenetwork.com.au.

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Training rides and skills sessions

Whether you want to build your confidence on the bike, improve your overall fitness or meet some friendly faces, we’ve got training rides, workshops and skills sessions to suite all levels—from beginner to advanced.

This is your chance to brush up on your skills, meet some friendly faces, get some kms into your legs and most importantly—have fun.

All sessions are free, but RSVP is essential. 

What's On

Women riding Around the Bay

Sunday 7 October

Event day information

Start site

Start Site Please note that the Around the Bay start / finish site is now located at Aughtie Walk, Albert Park The designated meeting point for the Women’s Community is highlighted by the pink start in the Albert Park site map. 

Starting at Geelong or Sorrento? You can meet the Women’s Community ride leaders at the start-line gantry.

Ride leaders
  • 20km: Evelyn Parr
  • 50km: Sharyn Beard and Kathy Tolputt
  • 100km Frankston-Return: Tina McCarthy and Alicia Bailey
  • 100km Sorrento-Melbourne: Simone Evans
  • 135km Geelong-Melbourne: Jo Paxton and Natasha Mitchell
  • 160km Rosebud-Return: Helga Bennett and Jimi Hendrickx
  • 210km Anti-Clockwise: Melissa MacKenzie and Ella Atkinson
  • 210km Sorrento-Return: Kellie Hamill and Rebecca Howse
  • 250km Anti-Clockwise: Prita Jobling-Baker and Bianca Pickett
  • 300km: Ali McCormack
Meet the team

Women's Community Ambassadors

Ride leaders

Tina McCarthy Wheel Women Around the Bay
Tina McCarthy – Wheel Women

“Our mission at Wheel Women is to help build the confidence of women riders in a safe and supportive environment. We love nothing more than supporting women from beginner riders up to more advanced riders and lending a helping hand in the journey their riding takes them on.

We’ll be there at the United Energy Around the Bay to support you on the ride – feel free to tag along with our Ride Leaders and we’ll be certain to make sure it’s loads of fun for you!”

Sarah Anne Evans – Karmea

“Supporting and encouraging more people, especially women, to ride bikes is something I am passionate about. Bicycle Network’s mission resonated with me when I first came across them riding in Peaks Challenge Falls Creek many years ago. Cycling gives me so much — I met my husband, made some long lasting friendships, discovered I’m capable of more than I ever imagined, and I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been. Working alongside organisations like Bicycle Network allows me to give something back to cycling, and hopefully inspire others to give it a go and discover where cycling can take them!”

Faz Zamani Around the Bay
Faz Zamani – Women’s riding ambassador

“So I’m that girl who got on a bike just over a two years ago and now days she doesn’t really get off her bike! My time on two wheels has taught me that that if I can literally conquer a mountain on a push-bike I can do anything I put my mind to.

After recently completing Peaks Challenge at the Gold Coast, Cradle Mountain and Falls Creek, back to back, I promised myself that I would share that feeling of triumph and encourage more women to do what they feel is possibly impossible!

It can be quite daunting to be involved in a male dominated sport so it is always refreshing to see groups and organisations such as Bicycle Network working to promote women’s cycling. Like the women who have inspired me to go further and push my limits, I am looking forward to working with Bicycle Network to inspire other women to take on the impossible!”  


Sharyn Beard

Sharyn loves a ride across the Westgate and her favourite stretch is the downhill on the bridge. She’s a veteran of for Around the Bay rides and is a Wheel Women Ride leader and qualified coach.

Kathy Tolputt

Wheel Women Coach and Ride Leader Kathy can be found leading rides through the northern suburbs and she loves nothing more than a longer country ride.  Kathy has completed many longer distance rides and is an expert at helping riders across the line.


Tina McCarthy

Wheel Women founder, This Girl Can – VIC and Jean Hailes for Women’s Health Ambassador, Tina will be leading the 100km wave. Tina loves the 100km distance and can’t wait to lead you on a fun and laughter filled 100km because she just loves the feeling of watching everyone cross that finish line with big smiles. Her mission is to see as many women as possible on this ride, so she’ll be cheering you on as the group rides past.

Alicia Bailey

From beginner rider to now one of the senior Wheel Women coaches, Alicia is a fabulous support for those who may be taking on their biggest distances yet. She loves guiding riders through and supporting women to achieve their goals on the day, so she’ll be doing the 100km this year.


Jo Paxton

New Wheel Women Geelong Ride leader Jo is a hoot to ride with…she always has an interesting story to tell and she is a super experienced rider. She’s usually out helping women have their babies in her role as a midwife, but today she’ll be helping women cross the finish line from Geelong to Melbourne.

Natasha Mitchell

Natasha is one of our original Wheel Women Coaches and Ride leaders – she has raced, coaches the coaches and supports the women of Geelong to get on their bikes and get skilled up. Riding with Natasha will be like being part of a finely oiled machine, with tips along the way. It’s sure to be a fun team on the 135km.

160km Ride leaders

Helga Bennett

We like to call Helga the extreme commuter – she never misses a day, never misses a beat. She’s out there rain, hail or shine and covers well over 250km a week, and don’t those legs show it! Helga is a ball of fitness and fun and she has amazing empathy for other riders, so you will be well supported.

Jimi Hendrickx

There won’t be any guitar licks today, but good solid pace to keep the group moving through. Jimi hails from the UK and has ridden from London to Paris and participated in many sportives in the UK. You’ll find her in short sleeves no matter what the weather because every day in Australia is like a summer’s day for her…you’ll be sure to have a fab ride with her!

What the riders said...

“I did it! What a thrill it was to take part in my first Around the Bay ride. I didn’t have a great bike but I had encouragement and positive vibes all around me plus a sensational route inspiring me along the way. The support and advice from everyone in the Bicycle Network Women’s Community helped get me to the start line. I really surprised myself!”

Fiona Darling – Rode 160km in Around the Bay 2017

“I have ridden other Around the Bay’s before, but 2017 was the first time I had ridden with Wheel Women as part of Bicycle Network’s Women’s Community. It was a fabulous and supportive environment. We shared the joy of group riding, and the wonderful sense of achievement when cresting climbs .. and at the event village later. I would strongly encourage all women riders, regardless of ability, to participate in Around the Bay and make the most of this wonderful opportunity.”

Kerry – Rode 160km in Around the Bay 2017

“2017 was my first Around the Bay (with the Women’s Community) and a challenging goal of 210 kms at 58 years of age. Trained and rode with two friends. We had a great day, and the elation at getting into Alexandra Gardens within my goal time and the cheers and clapping made the winter of training all worthwhile. My longest one day ride ever, and the most rewarding.”

Mel Rogers – Rode 210km in Around the Bay 2017

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