What are Ride2School grants?

We’re making it easier for Victorian schools to get more students riding to school.

Grants of up to $5,000 are awarded to eligible schools twice a year, during terms one and three.

The grant can be used on bike parking, a fleet of bikes for the school, financial contributions to a new bike shed and much more.

Schools aren’t limited in what they want to use the grant for, as long as they can demonstrate a willingness to support more students riding and actively traveling to school.

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Grant applications are now open

Applications close Friday 20 September 2019


What can you apply for?

Ride2School grants can be used for anything that you think will help get more students at your school riding and actively travelling, with up to $5,000 available to each school.

While you are certainly welcome to get creative with your applications, we also have some suggested initiatives and programs that grants can be used for.

Popular grant uses:

  • Bike Ed training for teachers & CRT Cover
  • School bike fleet
  • Bike parking
  • Bike shed contributions

Student bike scholarships

Is there a student at your school who would love to be able to ride but unfortunately doesn’t have access to a bike? You can now apply for grants of up to $500 per student to buy bikes for those who would benefit.


How do I apply?

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To apply for a grant there are three things to do:

  1. Make sure your school has a Ride2School account
  2. Make sure your school has lodged at least four HandsUp! counts during the current school year
  3. Log in to the Ride2School portal and complete the online Ride2School grant application form

*Schools with less than four HandsUp! counts submitted within the current school year are ineligible. Schools with gold, silver, or bronze Ride2School classification will be prioritized for grants.

*Download the Terms and Conditions

Grant criteria

Because Bicycle Network receives many applications for Ride2School grants, we need to assess each application and award grants to those with the greatest commitment to getting more students riding and actively travelling.

In your application there are four key questions we will ask you:

  • What difference would this grant make to your school?
  • How would this grant help active travel at your school?
  • What is your school currently doing to promote active travel?

You will also be asked to specify how much money you are applying for and what you will use it for.

This information, plus the number of HandsUp! counts you have submitted, will help us determine the quality of the application, the level of need for investment at your school and your comittment to  bike riding and active travel.


  • Is the application complete?
  • Has the school answered all mandatory questions in the application?
  • Have all details and information been supplied to Ride2School to support the application?


  • Does the application identify a specific need and give details about how the grant will address this need?
  • Will the grant help more students ride and actively travel to school?


  • Is the school registered online with Bicycle Network’s Ride2School program?
  • Has the school submitted at least four HandsUp! counts during the year and demonstrated an ongoing commitment to being engaged in the Ride2School program?

If you have any questions about the criteria or completing your application please contact us.

Extra information

Applying for bike parking?

You’ll also need to send through:

  • Measurements of proposed bike parking space at the school
  • Photos of proposed bike parking space
  • Preference of bike parking style as found here
Applying for a bike shed contribution?

You’ll also need to send through:

  • Draft plans for the bike shed
  • A quote for building the bike shed from a contractor
  • A brief project timeline
  • Details of where extra funds for the project will come from, if required

Winners are grinners!

Grant recipients – Term 1 2019

Congratulations to our latest grant winning schools who have demonstrated a commitment to bike riding and active travel. We look forward to working with them to deliver their grants and improving facilities, programs and awareness of active travel.

  • Yarrunga Primary School
  • Puckapunyal Primary School
  • Holy Spirit Primary School, Manifold Heights
  • St Kevin’s Primary School
  • Burwood East Primary School
  • St Mary’s Primary School, Lancefield
  • Emmanuel College, Warrnambool
  • Devon Meadows Primary School
  • Mount Martha Primary School
  • Tootgarook Primary School
  • Hurstbridge Primary School
  • Cowes Primary School
  • Mildura Specialist School
  • Great Western Primary School
  • Glenrowan Primary School

Got a question or need more information? Contact the Ride2School team

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