Getting there

Need a ride to the RACV Great Vic? We strongly recommend letting us get you there on our volunteer transport.

We’ll sort you out! And we strongly recommend letting us, especially at the end of the ride when we can guarantee you'll be thankful someone else is doing the driving!

It's mainly just vollies on site on the Friday night, so it's a good chance to get to know your team and how it all works. For certain teams such as bar, catering, campsite, campsite services, eco and live easy it is best if you get there Friday. However if you're regional our buses only leave on Saturday, so we understand. 

If you have your own transport, please note that the start and end sites are in different locations. If you park in Halls Gap at the start and need a lift back from Geelong, just make sure you choose this option. It’s free and by the end, you’ll have a bunch of new friends to have a laugh with on the bus!

If you're making your own way to the start site, we suggest arriving by midday Saturday at the latest, this allows teams to run meetings in the afternoon and you to get acquainted with how it all works. 

Transport to the event

Melbourne to Halls Gap Friday 25 Nov, 10am
Melbourne to Halls Gap Saturday 26 Nov, 10am
Ballarat to Halls Gap Saturday 26 Nov, 11am
Bendigo to Halls Gap  Saturday 26 Nov, 11am
Geelong to Halls Gap Saturday 26 Nov, 10.30am
Geelong Long Term Car Park to Halls Gap Saturday 26 Nov, 10am
Traralgon to Halls Gap Saturday 26 Nov, 9am
Albury to Halls Gap Saturday 26 Nov, 8am
Wangaratta to Halls Gap Saturday 26 Nov, 9am

Transport from the event

Transport will leave from the finish site and wait for any volunteers booked onto the buses. For volunteers going back to Melbourne there are two options: return from the finish site if you are required at the finish site or on route the final morning, or to return on the bus from the final campsite. 

Geelong to Melbourne 
Geelong to Ballarat
Geelong to Bendigo
Geelong to Halls Gap
Geelong to Traralgon
Geelong to Albury
Geelong to Wangaratta

Long Term Car Parks

If you need to store your car while we run the event you can do so either in Halls Gap or Geelong. Remember though, it is highly recommended you let us drive you home! To sign up for the carparks you'll need to choose this option in your application for your name to be on the list. 

Transport Pick Up / Drop Off Locations

Melbourne - Southern Cross Station (enter via Spencer Street)
Ballarat - 202 Lydiard Street North
Bendigo - Lake Weeroona bus stop
Geelong - Gerhinghap St bus port
Geelong Long Term Carpark - TBC
Halls Gap Long Term Carpark - TBC
Traralgon - Railway Station
Albury - Railway Station
Wangaratta - Apex Park