The ongoing success of the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride relies on the dedication of our amazing volunteers.

Escape the everyday and volunteer on the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride!

It's an opportunity to travel to the amazing Victorian gold rush region on a 10 day volunteering adventure. We provide you with free transport, meals and accommodation.

On each day we travel to a new town, set up camp and help out the event riders. At each new town there are places to see and things to do so it's a great way to visit some parts of Victoria that you have probably never visited before.

We appreciate the hard work and dedication of our volunteers and to get you ready for the RACV Great Vic in 2015 we will have information sessions and materials to ensure you know what to expect.

What volunteer roles are available?

Volunteer applications are now being accepted through our Volunteer Portal. Below are the position descriptions for this year's teams to help you choose which team you would like to apply for.  

Want to ride and volunteer?

Most volunteers don't ride at all on the event but there are some volunteer roles, including the riding volunteer roles, which allow you to ride the route as well.

A riding volunteer is a rider – they purchase an event entry through the RACV Great Vic shop and then come event time, they head out each day and enjoy the on-road experience! However, they also volunteer 4-5 hours each day either before or after their riding. In return for this volunteering, Riding Volunteers are eligible to receive up to a 30% refund on their entry price. Riding volunteer positions are available for the 9 day ride option, and more details are provided here.  

From the above teams both WARBYs and route marshals also get to ride the route. Check out the positions descriptions above for more information.