The campsites

The RACV Great Vic is a regional camping cycling holiday, with campsites located on local community recreation reserves, but often extended to include parkland, surrounding reserves or private property, all set-up daily to house our thousands of riders and volunteers.

Each of the campsites are generously provided to us by the local communities and we work in close consultation with local councils and community members to determine the most suitable locations for the campsites in each town that we visit.

In return for their generosity, we guarantee each community that each of the sites we use will be returned to  them in the same condition as they were provided to us. So, when you're on the road, we ask for your assistance in keeping our campsites clean and free from damage.

2016 Campsite Locations

Day 1 Halls Gap
Day 2 Dunkeld
Day 3 Mortlake
Day 4 12 Apostles
Day 5 and 6 Apollo Bay
Day 7 Bellbrae
Day 8


Day 9 Geelong