Where is the ride going this year?

In 2017 we are heading through Gippsland. For the first time ever we will be starting in Wilsons Promontory. We are then heading upwards along the coast to Bairnsdale before turning around and finishing in Trafalgar. 

How much is the ride?

Visit our pricing page for all ride options and pricing.

Do teachers travel for free?

All schools are entitled to Suitably Qualified Adults (see ratios in next question). For any additional adults that would like to join the ride, whether they are teachers, parents or guardians – they will be charged at the normal adult price for general public riders.

Are the Suitably Qualified Adults (SQAs) ratios the same as previous years?

Yes, ratios will remain the same (10 students = 1 Free SQA ticket). If you bring between 4-20 students, you will receive 2 SQAs. Between 21-30, you will receive 3 SQAs and so forth.

We are a new school and would like to get involved. Who do we contact?

Our schools coordinator is Andrew Lovett. Drop him a line on andrewl@bicyclenetwork.com.au or call on 03 8376 8833 if you would like to schedule a meeting or find out more information about the ride.

I’m worried that our school won’t be able to do the distance, should I be?

Absolutely not. Schools have been coming for 20+ years on the Great Vic and always love the challenge. We are currently working on a training guide for new schools to use in the months leading up to the ride so keep an eye out for that. We also have 3 and 5 day ride options, if you want to come and experience the ride on a shorter distance first to get a feel for what all the fuss is about.

Can you do a presentation at our school about the ride?

Yes we can. Our schools coordinator can meet with everyone at your school. From an initial discussion with a teacher or Principal all the way to coming out and giving a presentation on a weeknight to students and parents. Contact Andrew to set up a time for him to come out.