The RACV Great Vic makes for an ideal school camp environment and provides a challenging, yet fun experience with people from all age groups and walks of life. As a school camp, it is unique. Bicycle Network takes care of food, campsites, medical and provides full en-route support allowing schools to focus on education and developmental goals. 

There are a number of key benefits that students will take out of this camping adventure. These include: practical bicycle maintenance skills, better physical fitness, heightened spatial awareness skills from riding and communicating in groups, improved self-confidence, resilience and personal development.

Arrangements for schools will also be extended to Scout Groups in 2016. 

Check out the new RACV Great Vic schools preparation video below

RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride Schools Co-ordinator:

Andrew Lovett

Phone: 03 8376 8833
Mobile: 0400 178 833