RACV Warmest Welcome

Get involved in the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride with the RACV Warmest Welcome program!

RACV Warmest Welcome 2015 winners

We were blown away by the effort communities made to welcome the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride to their towns. Riders thoroughly enjoyed the wonderful decorations, street parties, markets and festivals thrown to celebrate their arrival. We'd like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who made us feel welcome

The winners of RACV Warmest Welcome 2015 are:


First place: Avoca friends of the pool

The Avoca friends of the pool welcomed riders with a collection of colourful pre-loved bikes and a huge welcome sign on the bridge coming into town. They also entertained riders at the Avoca pop-up village, a festival showcasing the best of what Avoca had to offer with entertainment, market stalls and even a find the golden bike competition for the kids!


Second place: St Marys Primary School

The St Marys Primary School parents and friends committee put on a very warm welcome for our riders, with home baked goods, coffee, a photo booth and much, much more!