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Community Fundraising

The RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride seeks to provide fundraising opportunities for all community groups along the route.

As a way of giving back to the generous communities that offer their towns to support the ride, the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride provides the opportunity for community groups to fundraise. Fundraising opportunities are available at nominated rest and lunch stops or at the campsites along the route.

Fact Sheet

For an overview of the event, expected rider numbers and what is provided to riders on event consult the RACV Great Vic Fact Sheet.

Suggested Activities

For more information on what fundraising opportunities are available to your community group please consult the Activity Scope documents below.

Community Group Activity Scope

Business Activity Scope

Expression of Interest Forms

We would love to have you along to fundraise at the RACV Great Vic, but to ensure we provide you with enough space at the campsite or rest stop please ensure that you complete one of the Expression of Interest forms. Spaces are limited, and unfortunately we are unable to accept late or incomplete applications.

Rest or Lunch Stop Expression of Interest form

Email us with the name of your town to obtain a Campsite Expression of Interest form