The Peaks Elite

Peaks Elite 2016 kit

  • 38 hours in the saddle
  • 12,000+ vertical metres
  • 13 official climbs
  • 705+ kilometres 

This is what it takes to be Peaks Elite.

It is not for the faint-hearted. Individually, Peaks Challenge series rides are widely regarded as among the world's toughest one-day cycling events - Peaks Challenge Gold Coast, Peaks Challenge Cradle Mountain and Peaks Challenge Falls Creek.

To earn the title of Peaks Elite, you have to complete all three, back to back.

That's a year's worth of sacrifice, pain, hard-work, determination and pushing your body to its physical limits. Beyond the physical demands of the ride and countless hours of preparation, it takes a mental toughness that few can understand, but many can admire. 

In 2015, 52 fool-hardy souls earned the first Peaks Elite jerseys in history. These determined few ventured to the roads less-travelled, in constant search of the next mountain to climb. They found their limits, reached into the depths of suffering and emerged victorious.

Have you got what it takes to go Peaks Elite?  

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