Finishers Jersey

If you're up for an even bigger challenge, set your sights on one of our sub-10 finisher's jerseys.

More than 12,000 riders have tackled Peaks Challenge since the inaugral event in 2010. You're sure to be pushed to your limits, encountering rugged terrain, spectacular landscapes and unpredictable weather. When you cross the finish line in under 13 hours, you'll claim the coveted finishers' jersey.

Finishers' Jersey

We know how much it means to you - it's more than just a jersey. It symbolises months of training, time away from family and friends, dedication, pain and commitment. It's every early-morning wake up, grinding pedal stroke, bead of sweat and sleepless night. It tells the world that you went to the depths of suffering, and came out triumphant. And its significance is something only a fellow Peaks Challenge Finisher can understand.

Sub 10 Jersey

We know how much training and dedication it takes to even attempt a Peaks Challenge event, so to complete it in under 10 hours is no small feat. Are you up for tackling the challenge to cross the finish line within 10 hours? If you succeed, you'll receive the Peaks Challenge  Sub 10 jersey.

2017 jersey designs will be released closer to the event.