The Story

The ride that became legend 

Most riders can take on a challenge, but there are few who can take on the epic ones. Pushing themselves to the limits of their cycling ability. 

That’s how the Peaks Challenge series was born.

We knew there were riders who wanted to ride further, go faster and climb higher. These riders were keen to face an unforgiving and unpredictable terrain, which pushed them into the depths of suffering, battling both mind and body.

So in 2010, we challenged riders from across the world to conquer the three key ascents of Victoria’s rugged High Country. Born of adversity, the first Peaks Challenge ride was brutal. Dropping temperatures, rain and wind, meant that few were able to adequately prepare themselves for what lay ahead. Over a third didn’t finish. And from this, grew a mystique that spawned a series. 

Quickly, a legend was born. In 2013, Peaks Challenge Falls Creek was rated as one of the top 10 best sportives and gran fondos to cycle in the world

It’s not a race – it’s much more than that. It’s a personal challenge. A never-ending journey in the pursuit of up.