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Park your bike at any Parkiteer cage at Victorian railway stations and public transport hubs

Register to use Parkiteer

Registering for Parkiteer is easy – all you have to do is choose the cage closest to you, enter your details and pay a $50 refundable deposit for an access card.

Your card will arrive by post in 5-7 business days.

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Activating your access card

To activate your card you will need your rider ID, card number and the email address you registered with. You will also need to create a password.

You will find your rider ID at the top of your Parkiteer welcome letter, while the card number is printed on the back of your access card.

It can take up to four hours for your card to become active after submitting this information.

Activate card
Using a parkiteer cage

Parking your bike

Park your bike on an available rack using a high quality lock. Bicycle Network recommends a D-lock as the most secure lock. Please also remove any valuable items such as lights, trip computers and panniers.

Deposit refund

If you are no longer using Parkiteer you can have your $50 deposit refunded by sending a completed Parkiteer bond refund request form and your card to Bicycle Network, PO Box 24013, Melbourne, VIC, 3001.

Replacement cards

If you lose your Parkiteer access card please call us on 1300 546 526 as soon as possible. This card will then be unauthorised and a replacement card sent to you. Replacement cards are $10 and can be paid for over the phone or here on our online shop.

Need a hand?

Are you having trouble opening a cage or have you forgotten or lost your card? We’re here to help.

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