How does it work?

1. Register

  • Find your preferred Parkiteer facility (more than 100 in Victoria)
  • Register online with a $50 fully refundable deposit
Register now

2. Activate your card

  • Allow 5-7 business days for your new Parkiteer card to arrive
  • Activate your card at
Activate card

3. Start riding

  • Tap your new card on the reader to access the Parkiteer facility
  • Feel happier and healthier every time you ride to the station!

Are you no longer using Parkiteer? – Deposit refunds

If you are no longer using Parkiteer you can have your $50 deposit refunded by sending a completed Parkiteer bond refund request form  to

Lost your Parkiteer card?  – Replacement cards

If you lose your Parkiteer access card please call us on 1300 546 526 as soon as possible. This card will then be unauthorised and a replacement card sent to you. Replacement cards are $10 and can be paid for over the phone or here on our online shop.

If you have any questions or are having issues using Parkiteer, please call our 24 hour service centre on 1300 546 526.


Here are the answers to your most common questions.

If your question isn’t in the list, please contact us via our website or on 1800 639 634.

Are Parkiteer cages free to use?

Yes – it is free to use a Parkiteer cage. When registering, a $50 deposit must be paid for an access card, which is refunded if you choose to stop using the Parkiteer service.

Can I use any Parkiteer cage?

Yes. Your Parkiteer card will allow you access to any cage in the network, metropolitan or regional.

Can I park my scooter/motorbike in there?

No, Parkiteer cages are for bicycles only.

Can I store my bike in the cage long-term?

No, Parkiteer cages cannot be used as a home for your bike. Bikes that appear to have been abandoned are removed from cages.

Can my friend enter and park their bike in a Parkiteer cage with me?

No – only registered members can use Parkiteer cages, and each member must enter using their own card. This ensures parking is prioritised for members and security maximised.

Lost or stolen cards

If your access card is lost or stolen please call us immediately on 1800 639 634 to deactivate the card. A new card can be ordered online for $10.

I’m no longer using Parkiteer, how do I get a refund for my deposit?

If you’re no longer using Parkiteer, you can request for your $50 bond deposit to be refunded by submitting a bond refund request form.

For every card returned, Parkiteer donates $5 to Greening Australia’s tree planting activities and their 2030 vision to plant over 500,000,000 stems. For more information, visit

Your access card will then be recycled for new users to access the Parkiteer network.

Send your access card to:

Parkiteer Refunds
Bicycle Network
PO Box 24013
Melbourne VIC 3001

Parking your bike – Using Ned Kelly bike rails

When using Parkiteer, you should always secure your bike using a high quality lock – we recommend a D-lock. Please also remove any valuable items such as lights, trip computers and panniers.

Watch our video guide on using Ned Kelly bike rails, which are found in every Parkiteer facility.