Bike count volunteers receive a $50 (Super Tuesday) or $140 (Super Sunday) donation towards any nominated charity, school, sports club or any other not-for-profit organisation.

Volunteering as a counter

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Want to get involved in an upcoming Super Count? Here’s all you need to know about the role.

1. Online registration process

You will need to complete an online registration process to register as a counter, to ensure that we have the necessary details to contact you and so that you can reserve your count location.

  • Enter your contact details
  • Nominate your region
  • Nominate an oganisation to receive your donation
  • Choose your count site
  • Check your inbox to finalise your registration
2. Before the count

Confirm your details

By confirming your registration, Bicycle Network count team will know that you will definitely be at your selected count site. Check all the details carefully before confirming. If you find any incorrect information (your address, contact number or/and nominated organisation) email us to update.

Confirm your count site location

Check the location of your count site on a street directory (if available) or on Google maps. Your confirmation email will have a link to your chosen count site on Google maps.

Study the intersection you will be counting and determine counting spot, main flow of morning riders and etc.

Print out count sheets

Print out the count sheet and check it against the map and the description on your count sheet. Some count site locations will have new facilities/infrastructure that may not be mapped yet. If your count sheet does not match your count site, email us and we will send you a correct sheet.

You might want to print a spare count sheet if you are expected to meet a large volume at your site. It’s also a good idea to organise yourself with a clipboard and a spare pen.

Read the instructions carefully

Every count site is different. Read instruction carefully so you know what is required to count at your selected site.


Please take a moment to read our safety guidelines before you head out to count.

3. On the day

Arrive 10 minutes early

Be in place and ready to count the first rider at the start time so we don’t miss anyone.

Start counting bike riders

Mark the count sheet and marvel at the growth in bike riders. We suggest using the block of ‘five bar gate’ method of four uprights slashed diagonally when the fifth rider goes past.

How to count off-road riders

It is very important that any off-road path that parallels a road in the same direction is counted as one and the same thing, unless you are specifically directed to do otherwise.

Finish counting

Stop counting at the finish time – don’t inflate the figures. We need to give councils accurate data, and analysis of data from adjacent count locations will expose any inaccurate counting.

4. After the count

The sooner we receive all count data, the sooner we can begin confirming data and processing payments to your nominated organisation.

Enter data online

Enter your rider number and email. These were provided in the confirmation email. If you’ve lost that email, please send us a message. Follow the instructions on the screen and enter your count data and your observation comments.

Mail count sheets

Send your count sheet to PO Box 24013, Melbourne, VIC 3001.

5. Donation process

Verification of collected data

Bicycle Network can’t process invoices until we’ve checked and verified data from all count sites. This will take 4-6 weeks (or more in some cases) from the day of the count. Our Counters have collected valuable data and we want to make sure it’s processed properly.


It is the responsibility of each organisation to invoice Bicycle Network for the correct total figure. If you are a counter and you think your nominated organisation does not know they have been nominated, remind them to invoice Bicycle Network. Invoices should be emailed to

Please make sure your organisation has provided:

  • Name of organisation
  • Contact details (Address, phone number and email)
  • ABN (Organisations without a ABN must provide a Statement by a Supplier Form with their invoice)
  • Total amount (This is GST inclusive if applicable. 
  • EFT details (We do not issue any checks)

We aim to be in the position to start making payments to organisations within 10-12 weeks of the count.

Invoice templates

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