Let’s hit 25 per cent active travel by 2025

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In the Climate Change Strategy 2021-2030, the Victorian Government earmarked it will aim to make 25 per cent of all trips by foot or bike by 2025. In other words, the Victorian Government has three years to boost active travel up 7 per cent from its current mode share of 18 per cent.

So let’s work towards it. Let’s turn the goals into investments.

We believe there are three essential elements to start getting more people on pedals:

1. Build places to ride

If we want to boost active travel, we need to offer people the facilities to help them get around. At present, our bike lane network is not at a quality that will convince people to give bike riding a try. The first step to increasing bike uptake is to build places to ride.

Our budget recommendations

  • Deliver the Box Hill to Hawthorn Trail
  • Build Sunshine to Watergardens Link
  • Improve Main Yarra Trail
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2. Advance 'bike tourism'

There is an exciting opportunity to further invigorate our state with bike tourism. And a great place to start in Victoria is our rail trails.

Rail trails are not just historical markers, they offer Victorians an opportunity to explore regional communities whilst getting active. It’s the first time that many Victorians experience the enjoyment of riding a bike. It’s a ‘taster’ of what riding a bike is all about.

This is why Bicycle Network believes that investment in our Victorian rail trails is extremely important.

Our budget recommendations

  • Extend the O’Keefe Rail Trail (Heathcote to Wallan)
  • Extend the Yarra Valley Trail (Yarra Glen to Tarrawarra)
  • Build Woodend to Daylesford Rail Trail 
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regional victorian bike tourism

3. Remove and prevent barriers

Building a bike network that people will want to ride is the first step towards boosting active travel and achieving our goal of 25 per cent active travel trips by 2025. But it isn’t the only step we need to take.

For the benefits of bikes to reach the highest number of people, we need to identify and remove existing barriers to riding. We need to prevent other barriers before they arise. This involves a combination of policy change, infrastructure funding, and interventions.

Our budget recommendations

  • Launch a local area traffic management fund to advance traffic calming
  • Fund state behaviour change programs for bikes
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