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Tasmania’s councils are up for election in October 2018

Bicycle Network is here to keep you up to date with what candidates are promising for people who ride bikes. 


What all council candidates should support

We want all local council candidates to support projects that will make it easier for people to ride their bikes for transport and recreation, no matter where their council area is.

1. SAFE INFRASTRUCTURE Separated cycleways encourage more people to ride. About half the population would be interested in riding more if they were separated from traffic. Painted bike lanes are good for the small numbers of people who currently ride but are unlikely to encourage many more people to ride.

2. BIKE PARKING Providing secure, undercover bicycle parking that is easily accessible and caters to electric bicycles is a must for all major towns.

3. LOCAL LEADERSHIP Our local councils can lead the way by making it easier for their staff to ride by providing bicycle fleets, secure parking, showers and lockers and helping local businesses to do the same.

4. SAFE SCHOOL ROUTES Implement separated cycleways and/or traffic-calmed, 30km/h roads around schools to get more children active and reduce traffic congestion.

5. BIKE PLANS All local councils should have funded bicycle plans that improve and expand bicycle transport networks as well as sport and recreation facilities. 


City candidates who support the Top 5

We asked the city council candidates if they supported our Top 5 asks for bicycle riders and following are the people who’ve given it the thumbs up.

Anna Reynolds*, Bill Harvey*, Mike Dutta*, Holly Ewin*, Jeff Briscoe*, Peter Sexton*, Helen Burnet*, Ron Christie, Cat Schofield, Nigel Frame, Brian Corr, Atak Ngor, Philip Stansfield, Stefan Vogel, Rebecca Taylor, Stephen McCallum, Tubes Taylor

 Damon Thomas and Zelinda Sherlock did not sign on to the Top 5 but their transport policy backed our call for separated cycleways. Tanya Denison did not sign on to the Top 5 but sent an email supporting safer bicycle infrastructure.

Andrea Dawkins*, Hugh McKenzie*, Karina Stojansek*, Alan Harris*, Tim Walker*, Ryan Limb, Bruce Potter, Emma Williams  

Doug Chipman*, Beth Warren*, Heather Chong*, Sharyn von Bertouch*, Luke Edmunds*, Dean Ewington*, Brendan Blomeley*, Roger Viney; Tom Allen; Daniel Hulme; Shea Siddall; Debra Thurley

Sally Milbourne*, John Alexiou*, Gerard Enniss*, Taua Ritiata;  Grant Goodwin, Dave Gough, Alison Butcher

Steve Kons*, Amina Keygan*, Justin Grave, Lynne Kershaw, David Pease, Donna Gibbons 



* Candidates who were elected are at the start of the list with a star next to their name.




Big councils

City candidates should also support

  • Development of a separated cycleway network in Hobart as part of the city’s new Bicycle Plan, to be completed in 2019.
  • Funding in the ten-year Capital Works plan to roll out separated bicycle infrastructure across the city. 
  • A safe intersection at Molle and Collins streets and separated cycleway along Collins St.
  • Establishment of a dedicated cycling infrastructure and promotion unit within the council.
  • Council to work with business community to build evidence base for the benefits of active transport in the city centre, in line with the Inner City Action Plan.

  • Completion of the missing link at Mowbray for the Rocherlea to Inveresk trail.
  • Connection of the North East Rail Trail to Lilydale.
  • Seal Inveresk trail from Invermay Park to Vermont Rd.
  • Implement a north–south separated cycleway through the CBD.
  • Provide part funding for a Cycling North/Active Transport officer.
  • Council to work with business community to build evidence base for the benefits of active transport in the CBD, in line with the City Heart project goals.

  • Continued implementation of the city’s bike plan.
  • Development of new post 2020 bike plan.
  • Continued implementation of the city’s North West Coastal pathway commitments.
  • Provide separated pathways linking residential areas to coastal pathway and city centre.

  • Build an underpass at the Mornington Roundabout.
  • Create an easy to follow cycleway between the airport and Hobart.
  • Rosny Hill Road bicycle path, with links to Kangaroo Bay Rivulet Track and Clarence Foreshore Trail.
  • Clarence Street separated cycling lanes,


Authorised by Alison Hetherington, Bicycle Network, 210 Collins Street, Hobart




If better bike lanes, trails and facilities are important to you, then let the candidates for the Tasmanian council elections know about it by writing to them, talking to them or engaging on social media.

#TogetherWeCan make a difference. 


Contact your city council candidates

Let your candidates know what’s important to you as well as including one or more of the Bicycle Network’s top five of what we want to see councils deliver for people who ride bikes.

Click your city council area below for a list of candidates who have announced they are standing for election and current aldermen. Please let us know if anyone is missing from the list.


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