Kids Ride – Saturday 4 March

4km loop from 2pm–4pm

Kids Ride route map coming soon!

Starting point: Orange Velodrome

Gold coin entry, with all proceeds being donated to Give Me 5 for Kids

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Changes to traffic conditions and road closures

We will keep you updated with very detailed, information around any restricted vehicle access, or changed traffic conditions around the Orange region on Sunday 5 March.

All changes to traffic conditions take into careful consideration the safety of all road users and will be implemented following extensive consultation with local councils, Roads and Maritime Services and the NSW Police Force.

If you must travel in areas where there are a large number of cyclists on the road, Bicycle Network asks that you please remember to:

  • Obey all road rules and follow traffic controller instructions (where applicable) 
  • Allow a space of more than a 1m/1.5m when passing
  • Be aware of oncoming traffic when overtaking cyclists 
  • Allow ample travel time as the average cyclist will ride between 20-35 km/h

Event Assistance

For any information and advice on the day please contact Event Assistance on 0425 777 484 or 0425 381 816.


Community Involvement

Would you like to be involved at one of the event's rest areas? Perhaps you have something to add you our festival? Do you run a funky arts and crafts project? Maybe you're in a band? Or have ideas for kids entertainment?

Email us at



The success of the Newcrest Orange Challenge relies on the help and support of a great group of people from all walks of life – our wonderful volunteers. 

As a volunteer with Bicycle Network you truly become one of the team. You'll not only get to be part of a great event, but more importantly you get to join us on our mission to make riding easier for everyone.

In Orange we'll be challenging cyclists with stunning 170km or 70km ride options and we would love you to help us get them across the line.

Check out feedback below from the volunteers on another one of our events, the RACV Great Victorian Bike Ride in December 2015.

Q: What was the single best thing about volunteering?
A: The friendliness of the cyclists who continually thanked us for our work.
A: All the people that I met during the trip, and the places I got to see.
A: Meeting lots of happy people, making many friends. 
A: The people and community, the fantastic and constant support.

Come and be a part of the Newcrest Orange Challenge team to make your own memories and meet some incredible people. We can't wait to have you as part of the Bicycle Network team!

Got a question? 

Email or call 1800 639 634.