State government

WA anti speeding campaign

WA ads still not up to speed

Despite already being embarrassed once this year by bike-shaming advertisements, the WA Government has doubled down with a confusing reboot.

On track for separate bike paths in Hobart

This week in Hobart, local and state government engineers and planners, transport researchers and public health advocates are getting together to talk about how Tasmania could adopt separated cycleways.

Bikes part of Freycinet’s future

The Freycinet National Park master plan outlines a number of ideas to better cater to cycling and is open for public comment until 22 July 2018 
Yarra Heidelberg and Bulleen

Help plan Yarra improvements

Bike riders in the Heidelberg and Yarra Flats area are being sought for a focus group next week to give feedback on bike bike network improvements.

Focus on the real factors

Bicycle Network is concerned about a warning from Victoria Police that bike riders shouldn't wear headphones because it increases the risk of fatal crashes.
Moray Street

Foray into Moray needs care

A new upgrade to Moray Street in South Melbourne that includes a bike lane design at a roundabout that is a Victorian first is about to open.
car decline Melbourne

Car decline to speed up

Motor vehicle trips into central Melbourne have plunged 27 per cent in the last 10 years, and must continue to decline if the city is to grow and thrive.
Passenger vehicle and taxi

Uber rules rile riders

A change to Victorian road rules means that there is going to be an increase in unwelcome obstructions in bike lanes, and we'd like to get your thoughts.
Spotswood works map

Spotswood sewer squeeze

A major sewer project in Spotswood will put the squeeze on bike riders using Hyde Street from next week with some closures in place.
two abreast bike riders

Two abreast won’t be pushed aside

Riding two abreast has been a hot topic in the past week, but with united support from bike riders and authorities, the rule is here to stay.