State government

Seal versus asphalt

Should roads popular with cyclists be finished with spray seal or asphalt?
Kew Boulevard

Boulie safety upgrade revealed

VicRoads has revealed plans for safety improvements on Kew Boulevard, a very popular road riding circuit close to Melbourne's CBD.
train station bike parking

More bike parking at stations?

A flurry of government and opposition announcements this week indicates the race is on to provide more parking at train stations. But will it be for bikes?
Bike riders and the Sydney Harbour Bridge steps

Female bike rider numbers down on steps

A recent count of people riding bikes in the morning peak has shown that poor access to the Sydney Harbour Bridge cycleway is deterring female bike riders.

Integrated transport needs bicycles

Integrated transport options need to factor in bicycle parking and carriage, including racks on buses, space on ferries and parking at light rail stations.
Newsroom_NSW Future Transport

Future of transport in NSW

The future of transport in NSW will only be bright if the government follows through on its numerous plans including the Future Transport 2056 Strategy.