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Up and over for Upfield

The levels crossings removals planned for Moreland Road and Bell Street in Coburg will have significant implications for major bike routes in the suburb.

Sailing the narrows along the Port

The Footscray Road path is usually plenty wide enough for bikes. Except, from next week along the Port a section will be unexpectedly narrow.

Speed lust on the up

An increasing number of Victorians think they should be able to exceed speed limits, according to the latest TAC annual survey of the state’s motorists.

Pick my BIKE project

Voting is now open for the Victorian Government’s Pick My Project grant scheme and more than 28  community bike projects have made the cut.
30km/h speed zone in Yarra

No rockets in this pocket

Melbourne has joined other advanced global cities with a move towards lower, 30km/h urban speed limits from September this year.

Chilling out on Childers Street

Bike access to Childers Street in South Kensington will be frozen from tomorrow as work on Melbourne Metro’s tunnel moves to the first stage of construction.
Sydney Road concept unreleased_654

TfV ponders Sydney Road upgrades

Transport for Victoria has developed concepts for major improvements to Sydney Road that include bike lanes instead of on-street car parking.
Arden Street Vision

Arden goes active

The vision for the massive redevelopment of the Arden precinct in North Melbourne shows a powerful commitment to active transport.

Drivers understand cyclist passing laws

Research from the Road Safety Advisory Council has found that driver understanding of the 1 metre cyclist passing laws has increased over the past four years, but not of the 1.5 metre passing law.

Footpath riding pressure mounts

Pressure to increase the age of footpath riding continues in NSW thanks to help from Independent Member for Sydney Alex Greenwich.