Social rides - Tasmania

Check the web before you ride this summer

As the state opens its borders this week and the inevitable entry of COVID-19 to our shores, a reminder to keep you eye on our ride listings in case of cancellations or other changes to rides that may come into force.

Something for everyone this December

From a street mural ride, to one sitting down and Christmas lunch as a destination or just the usual coffee incentive, there’s something for most riders in this fortnight of social rides.

Social rides gearing up for summer

It’s hard to believe that summer is nearly on us, but our social rides leaders are planning ahead with a long list of offerings coming up this month and next.

East vs West – rides that is!

Eastern shore and western shore Hobart rides are the go this fortnight as well as a Cygnet Loop for people wanting to get out of town. Also, check out the upcoming rides at the bottom of the page as our ride leaders are getting in early with some scheduled out to February next year!

Cygnet, Gunns Plains & Hobart rides

The coming fortnight has the usual array of interesting Hobart rides as well as a scenic loop out of Cygnet and through Gunns Plains, both with some decent hill climbs.

Seniors, mental health week rides the focus

We’ve organised a few social rides to mark Seniors Week and Mental Health Week, as well as our other usual array of fantastic routes including a Tinderbox loop and the Charles Darwin Trail.

Hobart rides abound in next fortnight

Lots of rides centred around Hobart are on offer in the coming fortnight, although the north-west riders can enjoy the Railton–Sheffield ride this Sunday. Mighty Eastern Shore Challenge– Saturday 25 September This 42 km circuit takes you through sealed and unsealed bike tracks, quiet local roads, a private dirt track not normally accessible and topped [...]

A few challenges in weeks ahead

A few challenges are on the way in social rides over the coming weeks, one on Hobart’s eastern shore and another up in Railton thanks to the north-west riders, along with our usual easygoing rides around Hobart.

Spring in the air for September rides

Spring is in the air and our social ride leaders have responded with a wide selection of rides in the next fortnight, including a special Women’s Health Week ride, and more being scheduled for coming weeks.

Explore more of the state by bike

Our social ride leaders have put together rides for the coming fortnight that help your explore areas and routes you may not be familiar with including Hobart’s hills, a weekend out of Ouse, eastern shore circuits and Ridgely’s rural roads.

Something for everyone this month

Our social ride leaders have served up something for everyone this month, with an e-bike ride, city loops, eastern shore track exploration and an overnight trip out of Ouse.

Test yourself on the bike this month

We’ve got a few testing rides coming up this month with the 40 km ride out to Granton, the hilly Knocklofty Kneetrembler and scenic Kangaroo Bay to Droughty Point: stay strong, ride long!

Rides all over Hobart in July & more to come

No north-west social rides for the next few weeks, but there is a good mix of rides planned taking in central Hobart, the eastern shore and Kingborough. Knock the winter chills for six by warming up regularly on your bike.

Government funds Back on your Bike program

Bicycle Network got the good news last week that the government has agreed to fund a new program it has proposed, aimed at getting more people riding again in Tasmania.

Ready to ride through winter

Colder weather can turn some people off going for a ride but as long as you rug up right winter rides can be a delight with crisp mornings, soft light and camaraderie with your fellow riders.

Ride2Uni kicks off in Tasmania

The University of Tasmania and Bicycle Network have banded together to develop a riding confidence program that aims to get more staff and students commuting more often.

Quiet end to busy autumn of social rides

The colder weather sometimes dulls the enthusiasm for getting out on the bike, but we’ve still got a few rides on offer to end autumn and look toward the winter months.

Cycleway & bridge rides rule March into April

The Intercity Cycleway is getting a workout from our social ride leaders over the coming weeks with all of the southern rides utilising this critical piece of infrastructure, while our north-west riders make the most of their quieter roads to see Latrobe and Sassafras.

Get on yer bike for final Bike Week events

We are mid way through Bike Week with the Devonport Family Ride and Women and Wheels done and dusted but Kingborough Treasure Hunt, Cornelian Bay family ride, Domain social ride and Why we Cycle screening in Launceston still to come.

Upcoming social rides (non Bike Week ones!)

As well as our Bike Week Women on Wheels and family rides in Devonport and Hobart, we have several of our normal social rides also operating including one in Margate, Claremont to city, city to Cascade and three routes out of Wynyard.

It’s all about the family this Bike Week

Last year’s COVID restrictions reminded so many people across the state of the joys of riding a bike and so this year’s Bike Week is celebrating the families who are riding together more often.

Women get pedalling

Our Women on Wheels ride earlier this month was cancelled due to wind, which means we have two rides coming up in the next few weeks as well as our north-west riders group monthly ride.

December rides a plenty

We’ve got plenty of pre-Christmas free social rides to keep you busy this month before the traditional slow-down, with a mix of mountainous thigh testers, easy e-bike rides and scenic gravel paths.

New Norfolk Day Out

A day's ride to New Norfolk, a cruisy e-bike cruise up the Queens Domain, an exploration of eastern shore bush tracks and Intercity Cycleway are all included in upcoming social rides.

Taste the Tassie Trail, loop the Domain

Our north-west riders are giving people a taste of the Tasmanian Trail on Sunday 25 October with a 35 km ride between Railton to Sheffield and then on to Paradise.

Tassie Bike News Bites

A Ride2Uni pilot program, Burnie traffic school idea, new bike parking in Hobart schools, a new shared path in Freycinet National Park, and Queenstown MTB progress all feature in this edition of Bike News Bites.

Seniors Week focus on e-bikes

Our Seniors Week activities this year include two free social rides and an online forum all about e-bikes to help more people stay riding for longer.

Spring rides pedal peak & coastal views

As spring well and truly settles in we have two rides in coming weeks that appreciate the gorgeous scenery around Hobart with Women on Wheels taking to the mountain and a Sunday ride out to Cremorne.

New social ride routes in southern Tasmania

We’ve got a couple of new riding routes coming up south of Hobart in our social rides program, and a stickybeak at the new Latrobe to Ambleside coastal pathway project, as well as popular Hobart rides.

Tassie parks it despite winter chills!

Tasmanians got a rain-free day to Park it for the Planet but still had to rug up against a chilly winter wind on Wednesday 26 August to help build the 5 tonnes of avoided CO2 emissions.

Womens Health good reason to go for a ride

With rain washing out a couple of our recent social rides we’re crossing our fingers that the next few weekends dry up as we’ve got some great rides coming up, including our monthly Women on Wheels ride on Sunday 6 September celebrating Womens Health Week 7–11 September.

Cycleway rides aim to help you park it

Park it for the Planet preparatory rides, Kangaroo Bay hop-off rides and Gunns Plains all feature in our upcoming social rides with August hitting a possible record of 15 rides offered throughout the month and it’s not over yet!

Hobart & Forth rides in next few weeks

In the next few weeks we’ve got western shore and eastern shore rides in Hobart, a ride out of the beautiful village of Forth and the start of monthly Women on Wheels rides.

Four social rides on offer this month

After being limited to riding with one other person for months our social ride leaders have burst out of the gates with two rides already held and three more in the offing this month.

Go west, rides are peaceful there

A new self-guided ride explores the hills of West Hobart, Lenah Valley and Mt Stuart with stops at Knocklofty Reserve and Acanthe Park.

Hobart-Cygnet route offers day options

Our volunteer ride leaders are busy coming up with self-guided riding routes for our members-only and public RidewithGPS pages, and the latest to go online is the two- or three-day Pelverata–Cygnet–Channel Tour.

Tassie bike news bites

Sharing your solo ride photos, MTB news, Bicycle Network offices shut and more destinations floated for north-west coast pathway make up this fortnight's Tassie Bike News Bites.

Want more variety in your bike rides?

With our free social rides being called off and people working from home or no longer working due to COVID-19, the one thing you can still do is go for a ride on your own.

Sprent Loops cater to all comers with 4 options

The Bike Week plethora of social rides on offer is no longer, but our north-west riders can’t stay idle for long and have organised a Spent Loops ride for their regular last Sunday of the month outing.

WOW celebrates 20th birthday three ways

The annual Women on Wheels bicycle ride turns 20 this year and we are celebrating with a new central Hobart location and choice of three routes to get you spinning on Sunday 1 March.

Surges Bay weekend away for new tourers

The Surges Bay Touring Taster is the first social ride to come out of the new Bicycle Network Tasmania bike touring group on the weekend 15–16 February.

Cycle off Christmas kilos, welcome new year

Our popular Pipeline ride is back for a post-Christmas, pre-new year spin, helping you get back into riding fitness after any festive indulgences and ready to face a new decade on Sunday 29 December.