Want to commute but don’t know how?

Many people are out of the habit of getting into their cars every morning, now it's broken how do we help them into a new habit of riding to work instead of driving? Finding a route to work they are comfortable with is a big start.

Electric share bikes to jump into Melbourne

Share bikes are returning to Melbourne after Melbourne, Yarra and Port Phillip councils struck a deal with Uber to allow their brand of JUMP e-bikes to operate in the city.
Footpath riding NSW

Change to footpath riding law not enough

Bicycle Network is disappointed by the Andrews Labor Government’s decision to increase the age that people in Victoria can ride a bike on the footpath by just one year.

Is your bike fit and healthy?

Bikes are mechanical objects and have a service life – it's important to look after your bike so it looks after you.

Green wave a go on Albert Street

A green wave for bike riders on Albert Street in East Melbourne will be made permanent after a trial by City of Melbourne found it reduced travel times by almost one minute.

Give your colleagues a hand to ride to work

Ride2Work Day is coming up on Wednesday 16 October, and we’ll be holding a celebratory breakfast at Mawsons Place in Hobart but it would be great to see some new faces over our coffees. If you ride to work, have you ever considered encouraging or mentoring someone else at your workplace to ride? When you [...]
stefan gelbhaar ride to work

An extra day off for riding to work

A Germany politician has proposed that those who ride a bike to work should get an extra day of leave each year. And he makes some pretty good points.

Don’t go loco during rail disruptions

Bicycle Network will be making sure commuters don’t go loco during upcoming rail disruptions by helping them jump on a bike and take two wheels to work.

How do you ride to the station?

Would you like your bike trip to the train to be easier? Transport for Victoria and Public Transport Victoria want to hear your thoughts.