Commuter bike parking NSW

Pushing for bike friendly commuter hubs

The NSW government’s final report on commuter car parking has been published, and Bicycle Network did our bit to make sure people riding bikes were not neglected.
Census Car Congestion

Commuters still queuing in cars

Despite the average Melburnian's commute being 15 kilometres, three-quarters of all workers are still driving their cars to the office.
COSA cancer research

Cycling to cure cancer

Australia's peak body representing cancer doctors is recommending that exercise and bike riding becomes a cornerstone of cancer treatment.
Cycling is not just for the elite

Riding a bike is not just for the elite

Riding to work is not for the elite and it's not the new golf – it’s transport. What’s missing is space to ride for people outside the inner-suburbs.
Ride2Work Day Bicycle Network

Get on your bike at Ride2Work Day

All Australians are encourages to get on their bikes and go to work the healthy way on National Ride2Work Day next Wednesday, 18 October.
Let Bicycle Network help you to love your ride to work

5 reasons to love riding to work

More than 100,000 employees of the German automotive electronics giant Bosch will get access to an ebike or standard bike as part of their new workplace agreement. Bosch has made the move as part of a two-pronged attack to make its workers healthier, and the air in the cities cleaner. As a bonus it promotes […]

Swan Street bridge update

Bike riders keen to regain full access to one of Melbourne's key commuter routes, the Main Yarra Trail, are set to endure further delays.