Local government

Ride2Work Day Bicycle Network

Get on your bike at Ride2Work Day

All Australians are encourages to get on their bikes and go to work the healthy way on National Ride2Work Day next Wednesday, 18 October.
Canning Street Station Street Bicycle Network

Help can the planned Station Street closure

Yarra City Council is pushing ahead with a plan to close off Station Street at Princes Street in North Carlton, which could divert motor traffic into the nearby bike-friendly Canning Street.
Alfred Street cycling and pedestrian bridge, Parramatta

New bridge for Parramatta

The City of Parramatta are looking for public comment to help build the case for a new pedestrian and cycling bridge over Parramatta River.
Bonnet Hill

Bonnet Hill remains an uphill battle

The Bonnet Hill project shows what can be done when the local community, not just bike riders, recognise a problem and agitate to do something about.
bike parking in Darwin

Bike parking in Darwin

After a look around the streets of Darwin and consultation with some local bike riders it seems there is not enough bike parking in Darwin.