Liveable cities

What does it take to switch transport choices?

Tasmanians will be the guinea pigs inr understanding what it takes to get people out of cars and into active transport and public transport, in the new Health by Stealth research project.

Get the e-bike lowdown

Bicycle Networks new e-bike flyer tells you everything you need to know about how an electric bicycle operates.
Newsroom_Metro trains and bikes

Mixing bikes and trains

Bicycle Network is reminding everyone to avoid the front carriage when taking their bikes on the train.
Christmas bike lights Bicycle Network

Tips for talking turkey this Christmas

As well as food, drinks and cheer, events during the festive season can also include questions from non-bike-riders about why you choose two wheels.
Automotive era

Car guru: end of automotive era

The end of the automotive era is approaching, ringing the death knell for the performance car, according to one of the men who was responsible for bringing us that very era.