International news

Ford bike technology

Ford on board with bikes

Ford Europe has joined a growing list of car makers seeking to make peace with bike riders bike detection and behaviour change technology.
Lake Garda in Italy

Riding on the edge

So keen are the Italians to create a new iconic route for bike riders that they have gone right over the edge to make it a reality.
Bike parking in Copenhagen snow

Copenhagen puts focus on bike parking

Copenhagen is racing to its goal of 50% of people riding a bike to work or education by 2025 – but there is a hurdle in the way – not enough bike parking.
VanMoof Subscription bike

A bike subscriber, not an owner

Soon you will be able to shed the anxiety of bicycle ownership while still having one in the shed – your subscription bike.
bike rider faster than car

Drivers think bikes are slower

As many bike commuters have discovered the quickest way to get to work, university or footy training is to jump on you bike. But drivers think the opposite.
IKEA store impression

Shopping IKEA car-free

You know the world is changing when IKEA plans to replace car parking with bike parking and build its latest store at a railway station.