International news

ford dooring technology

Dooring tech takes another step

Ford have taken a step forward in dooring technology by creating a system that actually prevents the door from being opened wide when a bike is approaching.

Virus shutdown could open up streets

A New York hurtles headlong towards becoming the world’s next coronavirus epicentre it is moving to close traffic-sparse streets to cars and open them up to bikes, runners and walkers.

Free rides for London health workers

National Healthcare Service workers in London have been given free access to the city’s share bike scheme to help them get to work during the coronavirus pandemic.
congestion solution con

The congestion solution con

A new US report into congestion indicates that the billion dollar projects building new roads, bridges and freeways to solve traffic congestion are failing.

Get paid to scrap your car

Dangerously high levels of pollution is encouraging one UK city to pay people to send the family sedan to the scrap heap, funded by the national government.
NYC bike lanes

NYC public art makes cycling safer

New York City's "Barrier Beautification Program" is commissioning artwork along bike infrastructure to improve the experience and safety of riding bikes.
bikes beat electric scooters

Bikes scoot way ahead in benefits race

Electric scooters are a failure when it comes to providing health benefits to individuals and environmental benefits to the community, a new study finds.
jeep e-bike

Jeep give sneak-peek of new e-Bike

Jeep are the latest car company to try their hand at electric bikes, providing a sneak-peek of what's billed as the "most powerful" off-road mountain bike yet.

Culture lures bikes in Vienna

Bike riders in Vienna will be rewarded with concert tickets for their efforts in reducing CO2 emissions in the Austrian capital.
exercise improves gray matter

Exercise speaks volumes for gray matter

Recent research from Germany shows that aerobic exercise increases local and overall gray matter volume in the brain by an average 5.3 cubic centimetres.
AI bike counting

AI being trialed for bike counting

In a first Transport for London is using artificial intelligence to to analyse video feeds and count bikes and pedestrians in real time.

E-bikes without the kitchen sink

Could the Xiaomi QiCycle represents the new look for e-bikes? Small, light, simple and convenient like an iPhone, at around the same price.
Lille Langro Bridge

How to do a bike bridge

The new Lille Langebro cycle and pedestrian bridge opened recently, a stunning gift to the city of Copenhagen from an innovative property developer.