International news

GM e-bike

GM see bike future ahead

General Motors has joined the long conga line of car companies looking to enter the bike business as car sales retreat, with a snazzy new design.

Cash for commuting catches on

The Italian city of Bari are paying residents per kilometre to ride bikes, in a bid to get people out of cars and rid the city of car traffic congestion.
essential vehicle downsizing

Slimmed down trucks to make cities safer

Reports in the U.S. suggests that emergency vehicles like fire trucks should slim down so that streets can be made safer and more liveable for other users.
hs2 bike

HS2 Bike: the forgotten trail

The proposal to develop a 500km north-south bike route through central England in conjunction with the High Speed 2 rail project seems to be going nowhere.
denmark riders

Middle aged riders cheat death

An interesting study of a huge group of riders in Denmark has provided powerful proof that people who ride bikes live longer than those that choose not to.
uber congestion

Uber is increasing congestion

Ride sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft have resulted in a massive increase in road congestion, according to a new study underway in San Francisco.
volkswagen headlights

New light shines on bikes

Volkswagen will soon release new headlight that will do away with high-beam settings, and can highlight a bike ahead on a dark road by shining extra light on it.
French bike plan

French speak out for bikes

The French Government announced a massive $350million fund to roll-out new bike infrastructure over the next seven years, in a bid to triple cycling by 2024
VW cargo-bike

As cars go, VW goes cargo

German car giant Volkswagen has shocked the industry with the introduction of a 3-wheeled cargo e-bike as a solution for the mobility challenges of tomorrow
Distracted pedestrian crossing the road

Distracted pedestrians close the gait

Many bike riders say they have developed a sixth sense to detect when walkers ahead of them are distracted by their phone, and now researchers have discovered why.