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fuel-cell e-bike

Fuel-cell e-bikes on the charge

A recent breakthrough in hydrogen storage capacity has been a game-changer for fuel-cell bikes powered by hydrogen, with France leading the way.
stefan gelbhaar ride to work

An extra day off for riding to work

A Germany politician has proposed that those who ride a bike to work should get an extra day of leave each year. And he makes some pretty good points.
la trobe street detour

Even a little riding lifts health

A new Swedish study has found that fitness rates are declining at a dangerous rate, but an active lifestyle can help reverse the trend, and could save your life.
PedalCell CadenceX

Bottle dynamo gets a recharge

Modern technology has breathed new life into a relic of riding from an earlier age — the bottle dynamo is back better than ever in the form of the CadenceX.
e-scooter pollution

Are e-scooters polluters

A new study has found that e-scooter programs do not reduce the environmental impact of transportation systems, and in most cases increase greenhouse emissions.

RE:CYCLE, a bike made by coffee

A Swedish bike brand and coffee giant Nespresso have taken the love affair between riding bikes and drinking coffee to the next level.

Video: A creative new use for Strava

A Texas bike rider recently discovered a handy new use for Strava, using it to spell out a marriage proposal to his then girlfriend, now fiancé.

Incentivise e-bikes, not e-cars

Recent research in the UK suggests incentives to boost e-bikes are better-value, more equitable and healthier than subsidising the purchase of electric cars.

Cargo bike share is on the charge

Electric assisted cargo bike share schemes seem to have hit the sweet spot as people re-think the need to invest in bulky SUVs to move stuff.

They’re coming for our bike lanes

Cashed up tech start-ups have been snooping our streets for places to launch their autonomous vehicles, and they like the look of nice car-free bike lanes.

United States plans 6000 km rail trail

Planning is underway to link up a continuous 6000 kilometre trail across the US. The Great American Rail Trail will link up more than 125 existing trails across the country.