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virtual riding zwift

Virtual riding is as hard as road riding

Read professional cycling coach and data scientist Philipp Diegner's opinion on professional virtual cycling, and see his top 10 virtual racing performances so far.
exercise boosts muscle growth

Exercise takes out the trash

A new study demonstrates that a ten minute burst of bike riding triggers the body to clean out old, damaged proteins with fresh, healthy replacements.
ireland spends big on bikes

Ireland spending up big on bikes

The Republic of Ireland have committed a whopping €360 million annually (over AU$586 million) to cycling and walking schemes for the next five years.

Bikes shed light on town planning

Smart bike lights in the UK are being used to collect cycling data and feedback for town planners to utilise in improving bike riding routes.
green transport

Green transport creates jobs

New research suggests that investment in transforming the transport sector could create millions of new jobs and help countries create greener, healthier economies.
london bike riders

Bikes to rule London streets

Radical changes that will transform London's streets to promote bikes have been announced by the national government and city authorities.
italy bike riding stimulus

Italy funds recovery by bike

Italians who buy a new bicycle can get up to 500 euros from government as part of a 55-billion-euro stimulus package for Italy's virus-stricken economy.

French to get bike repair cash

Tres bien – the French government is offering citizens $85 for bike servicing and repair. It's just one of many things being done to keep people riding.
lebron james riding bike

The King likes bikes

Bicycle advocacy can be challenging at times, but stories about the biggest sports star on the planet loving bikes makes it a little easier.

Keep the Black Dog on the leash

According to a recent study, even people genetically vulnerable to depression are protected from it by three hours of physical activity each week.
shopping on bicycle

Bikes don’t scare off customers

Another study has found that building better bike infrastructure through shopping districts does not result in economic damage to local traders.
vienna cargo bikes

Vienna doubles down on cargo bikes

The Austrian capital is now handing over whopping grants for you to buy your own pedal-powered version of a van, wagon or people mover.