International news

They’re coming for our bike lanes

Cashed up tech start-ups have been snooping our streets for places to launch their autonomous vehicles, and they like the look of nice car-free bike lanes.

United States plans 6000 km rail trail

Planning is underway to link up a continuous 6000 kilometre trail across the US. The Great American Rail Trail will link up more than 125 existing trails across the country.
Comox-Helmcken Greenway

Greenway = bums off couch and on bike seat

A study measuring physical activity in residents pre and post developing of a bike-friendly thoroughfare proved that investing in infrastructure does get more people active.
eZee ebike battery recall

Recall: e-bike battery flame out

A battery fitted to some eZeebike e-bikes has been recalled as it can catch fire during re-charging. The product was sold from 1 April 2016 until 30 June 2018.
london ecargo bikes

Cargo bikes deliver better health

A new initiative in London aims to switch 15 per cent of city deliveries to cargo bikes, in a bid to save up to 450 lives and £10 million per year.

Driving to work is killing you

Being obese combined with car commuting has been associated with a 32% higher risk of premature death, reports a recent study from British Heart Foundation.

Friendly streets spread benefits

Further evidence to support the notion that taking away space and slowing speed for cars to prioritise places for pedestrians and bicycles improves our streets.

Bikes bring better housing

A new study from London shows that building good bike facilities can have a positive impact on housing development and influence where people desire to live.