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West Kernow Way

Mammoth new Cornish cycle route announced

With millions of Brits buying new bikes in 2020, and the prospect of international travel still a little sketchy in Europe, the new 150-mile Cornish cycle route couldn't come at a better time.
Biomega Ein trailer

This bike trailer pulls its weight

Danish bike manufacturer Biomega has launched the Ein, a bike trailer that pulls its own weight, intelligently powered with its own motor and battery.
NYC bike parking

A bike parking revolution in NYC

New York bike advocates are taking matters into their own hands to provide adequate bike parking solutions that the city seems unwilling to provide.
Apple moves on bike security

Apple moves on bike security

Tech giant Apple has extended its "Find My" network technology to the bike world, making it possible to track down your bicycle using your smart phone.
What a difference a trip makes

What a difference a trip makes

New research from Europe has found that people who ride a bike on a daily basis had 84 percent lower carbon emissions from all their daily travel than those who didn't.
A case to keep pop-ups

A case to keep pop-ups

A new study of European city's temporary bike lanes has found that if you build it, they will bike; and predicts that if you keep it, they will continue to bike.
Canada announces national bike fund

Canada announces national bike fund

Canada has committed $415M for new bike paths, trails and footbridges as part of the countries plan to achieve nets zero emissions by 2050.
Historic bike tunnel re-opened

Historic bike tunnel re-opened

The 80-year-old Maastunnel under the river through central Rotterdam is again open to bikes after a careful three-year renovation and restoration.
Safe trucks now a London standard

Safe trucks now a London standard

London has become the first city in the world to introduce the Direct Vision Standard for all trucks in the British capital, in a bid to protect bike riders and pedestrians.
Siren call of tabloids turns sour

Siren call of tabloids turns sour

A favourite complaint about how bike lanes and traffic calming measures slow down critical emergency services transport has been debunked.
Transport a route to better health

Transport a route to better health

New research shows that those who ride to work are among the few getting healthier in a population that overall is getting chronically sicker.
The Netherlands by numbers

The Netherlands by numbers

A new release of cycling data from the Netherlands Institute for Transport Policy reveals some interesting statistics that leave no doubt as to why the Dutch are such a healthy bunch.
Bikes can make big impact on climate crisis

Bikes can make big impact on climate crisis

An in depth study of the carbon-reducing impact of city-based lifestyle changes revealed that swapping just one trip from car to bike can significantly lower a populations' carbon footprint.
The longest bike bridge in Europe

The longest bike bridge in Europe

For a neat $10M the towns of Winschoten to Blauwestad are now connected by the longest bike bridge in Europe, spanning 800 metres across a canal, freeway and nature reserve.

Drop dead! Not if you ride a bike.

A new study from Europe found that if you engaged in regular physical activity your risk of instant death from a heart attack goes down as much as 45 per cent.
bike bridge under Helsinki

New bike tunnel under Helsinki

The Finns are sinking a massive new tunnel under central Helsinki to connect its planned bike network to the capital city's main railway station.
Free car parking under attack

Free car parking under attack

Britain’s hospitals have become increasingly dependent on car access, favouring people with motor vehicles and discriminating against those without.
COVID 19 noise chars

A COVID kind of hush

A fascinating study has confirmed that exposure to environmental noise dropped nearly in half during COVID-19 lockdowns.
Down, down down. Dutch cut speed

Down, down down. Dutch cut speed

In a move to cut road casualties amongst children, the Netherlands parliament recently voted that 30kmh will be the limit all streets in built-up areas.

Petrol and diesel car ban for UK

The internal combustion engine is going the way of the dodo, with the UK joining California in making plans for a phase out.
harley davidson serial 1 e-bikes

Harley unveil good-looking e-bikes

Harley Davidson have unveiled the first four models from their new e-bike spinoff company Serial 1, and as perhaps expected they look great and cost plenty.

Riding rises amongst older adults

More over 50’s are riding, riding more often, and liking it more, according to a recent survey by by the American Association of Retired Persons, who offered tips from their findings.
bike wheel that filters air

Bike wheel that filters air

Not only do bikes not spew muck into the air we breath, a new wheel design from London could mean that in the future they also suck the muck out of the air.

Norway has the hots for studs

A scheme for studded, slip-proof bike tyres has gone gangbusters in Norway as the Nordic nation moves into winter.

Next-gen cargo bikes are on the way

A new generation of cargo bikes aimed at the logistics business will soon hit the streets, currently being tested in a number of German cities.

World Heritage sites give cars the boot

Some of the most valued and appreciated places in the world are taking a lesson from the COVID-19 lockdown and keeping their streets clear of motor cars.
active meetings

Riding a bike during work improves performance

If you're looking for a practical solution to increase your physical activity, boost performance and improve general wellbeing in the workplace, working from a bike may be the answer.

The wearing of the white

We navigate the space on our roads via the precarious white line, but what happens when the white lines wear off? It's not good news for automated vehicles.

Paris to make pop-ups permanent

Paris is set to make pop-up bike lanes permanent as their plans to become a world-class cycling city seek to capitalise on the crisis.
bikes future of urban transportation

Bikes key to lower travel emissions

Switching to bikes for even just some of our travel needs could have a substantial, community-wide impact on C02 emissions, a new study has found.

Riders make better walkers

Researchers at Humbolt State University in California have found that those who like to pedal can walk more efficiently when they choose to walk.

Europe reboots bike tourism

The word is out across Europe: Bike-cations are the new vacations. Let us hope that this catches on Down Under as the virus declines.

Europe’s pop-up lanes are promising

German climate researchers have assessed that the new bike infrastructure rolled out across Europe has potential to deliver $3B in health benefits each year.

E-bikes spark more riding

A study of the health benefits of e-bikes has found that that although physical exertion is only moderate, people tend to ride more often.

Your brew delivers watt bombs

New research has shown that coffee can do more than get you up for a pre-dawn ride – the caffeine inside your cuppa can also increase your power.

COVID crisis ignites interest in e-bikes

The 2020 bike boom has seen bike shops sell out around the world. But e-bikes have been selling fast too, with the e-bike boom predicted to last the longest.

London bike share turns 10

London’s bike share operation has survived ten—often controversial—years to reach a size and influence unthinkable when it took its first, uncertain ride.

Google’s bikey update

Google Maps have announced new bike riding updates that make it easier for people to plan trips by share bike in ten cities around the world.
cargo bikes

Cargo bike growth exploding

Data is from the first European cargo bike industry survey shows the industry is booming, with sales are expected to grow more than 50% in Europe this year.