Federal Government

New north-east MTB tracks start in early 2019

Break O’Day Council has announced that World Trail will build two new mountain bike tracks at St Helens and Bay of Fires starting in early 2019, according to The Examiner newspaper. World Trail is known for its popular Derby tracks but has also built tracks at Atherton forest and Smithfield in Queensland, Falls Creek and […]
Road Safety Inquiry

Road safety performance going nowhere

There is need for a dramatic change in road safety management in Australia, according to a recently released inquiry into the national road safety strategy

Coastal Pathway cashed up

The North-West Coastal Pathway is is set to be extended to from Sulphur Creek to Latrobe after the state government confirmed $4.8 million of funding.
National Road Safety Action plan

New Federal plan for safer roads

The commonwealth government has released a new road safety action plan for the next two years, but we will have to wait to see how much action there is.
two abreast bike riders

Two abreast won’t be pushed aside

Riding two abreast has been a hot topic in the past week, but with united support from bike riders and authorities, the rule is here to stay.
Federal Budget 2018-19

Federal budget a bike black hole

The 2018-19 Federal Budget has failed to include any bike-specific and active transport projects – but there may be some light.
Ebike tariff

New tariff move stalled

A secret move to slap a tariff on all bikes imported to Australia has been scared off in the wake of the outcry over a similar tariff imposed on e-bikes.
Stealth ebike

Ebike price shock

Riders keen on the increasingly popular electric assisted bicycle are in for a shock to the wallet with new tax being placed on ebikes.
National Road Safety Strategy

Road safety hits the skids

The National Road Safety Strategy is shaping up as a massive car crash, with clear failure to met the key objective of making road travel safer.