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Tassie Bike News Bites

In this latest edition of bike news bites: Molle Street crossing gets funding, St Helens link path gets underway, Maydena scores MTB champs and more.
Co2 emissions Australia

Vehicle emissions keep on pumping

Australia’s plan to reduce CO2 pollution from the our vehicle fleet has flopped, embarrassingly, with emissions basically steady when they should be declining.
ireland spends big on bikes

Ireland spending up big on bikes

The Republic of Ireland have committed a whopping €360 million annually (over AU$586 million) to cycling and walking schemes for the next five years.

COVID has lessons for road safety

A powerful new report urges the government to learn the lessons of COVID-19 and apply them to the development of the new National Road Safety Strategy.
italy bike riding stimulus

Italy funds recovery by bike

Italians who buy a new bicycle can get up to 500 euros from government as part of a 55-billion-euro stimulus package for Italy's virus-stricken economy.
Stealth ebike

E-bike tariffs confirmed

Australian e-bikes riders will have to cough up an estimated $2M a year extra due to a troublesome tariff on electric assisted bikes.

Feds offer councils stimulus cash

Bike routes could benefit from a Federal Government stimulus package on offer to councils for transport projects, if councils act quickly and decisively.

No sustainability without bikes

Australia’s national infrastructure planners say we must overcome low rates of active transport to improve transport and sustainability across the nation.

North East Rail Trail work back on track

The Legislative Council has delivered its final report into the North East Rail Trail giving the state government’s compromise solution the thumbs up but trail opponents have vowed to fight on.
active living

Hey sport! Try active living

A new Australian study challenges sport as a primary government strategy to increase youth physical activity levels, suggesting a greater focus on active living.

Have you seen this bike?

One of Bicycle Network's election campaign bikes has gone missing, with no information about where it might be.

Greens pledge $1 billion for bikes

The Australian Greens have pledged $1 billion in funding over four years to help make it easier and safer for more people to ride bikes across the country.
upfield bike path

Funding for northern route

A Shorten Labor Government would invest $500,000 to connecting the dedicated bicycle lane on Cumberland Road in Pascoe Vale with the Upfield Bike Path.
kew boulevard

Feds to fund Boulie upgrade

Federal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has revealed his bike-friendly side, providing $5 million for the safety upgrade of Melbourne's popular Kew Boulevard.
Walmer Street Bridge Bicycle Network

Cash for Walmer St Bridge

The Walmer Street Bridge over the Yarra, used by over 200 riders a day, has finally received cash from the Federal Government to widen and upgrade the deck.
Woollahra Council

Labor makes $260m bike pledge

The Australian Labor Party has said they will create a $260 million bike fund to build new cycleways if they win the federal election.

Pay Australians to ride to work

Australians should be paid $5 every time they ride a bike to work under a new scheme proposed by Australia’s biggest bike riding organisation, Bicycle Network.
darebin parking

Surprise: a good election promise

The Morrison Government has promised to establish an Office of Road Safety if re-elected, a small but important step toward protecting the safety of all road users.

Risks continue to be ignored

News that another bike rider has been horrifically killed in a crash with a truck highlights the urgent need to address the risk that heavy vehicles pose on our roads.

Pedalling a way out of congestion

The answer to traffic congestion in our capital cities isn’t in cutting back permanent migration, it’s in investing and creating space for active transport.

The latest rideable reactions

With e-scooter hire schemes launching in QLD, SA and NZ, the discussion around where these new transport modes fit into existing systems continues.
bike and tram

Roads lobby back-pedals on cars

Some of Australia’s fiercest advocates of road building and the car-based lifestyle are starting to have second thoughts: maybe more cars aren’t the answer?

Cash for commuting catches on

The Italian city of Bari are paying residents per kilometre to ride bikes, in a bid to get people out of cars and rid the city of car traffic congestion.

Bike rider fatalities continue to flatline

Following another year where bike riding fatalities have remained stagnant, Bicycle Network is calling for urgent action to address risks for people who ride bikes.
Peter David Katonin

Fake e-bike unmasked in pedestrian death

The so-called e-bike involved in a fatal collision with a pedestrian should have been labelled a motorbike, exposing a dangerous loop hole that needs tightening.

Add all-ages bike paths to transport mix

THE Hobart City Deal could play an important role in changing transport choices in Hobart. One of the goals of the deal is to invest in infrastructure to provide efficient transport that enhances accessibility and liveability. This seems to have been interpreted as public transport in the form of ferries, light rail and efficient buses. [...]

Hobart Domain highways up for review

The Australian and Tasmanian Governments are reviewing the three highways bordering Hobart’s Queens Domain to come up with a plan to improve transport through the area, including cycling and walking.

New north-east MTB tracks start in early 2019

Break O’Day Council has announced that World Trail will build two new mountain bike tracks at St Helens and Bay of Fires starting in early 2019, according to The Examiner newspaper. World Trail is known for its popular Derby tracks but has also built tracks at Atherton forest and Smithfield in Queensland, Falls Creek and [...]
Road Safety Inquiry

Road safety performance going nowhere

There is need for a dramatic change in road safety management in Australia, according to a recently released inquiry into the national road safety strategy

Coastal Pathway cashed up

The North-West Coastal Pathway is is set to be extended to from Sulphur Creek to Latrobe after the state government confirmed $4.8 million of funding.
National Road Safety Action plan

New Federal plan for safer roads

The commonwealth government has released a new road safety action plan for the next two years, but we will have to wait to see how much action there is.
two abreast bike riders

Two abreast won’t be pushed aside

Riding two abreast has been a hot topic in the past week, but with united support from bike riders and authorities, the rule is here to stay.
Federal Budget 2018-19

Federal budget a bike black hole

The 2018-19 Federal Budget has failed to include any bike-specific and active transport projects – but there may be some light.