Swanston Street lane closure

Riders face major disruption on the key Swanston Street bike route for the next week when the south-bound lane is closed.

The southbound lane between Collins and Flinders Lane will be closed for up to 10 days.

North bound access remains open at all times.

A big mobile crane, which is building an even bigger crane, will be squatting at the corner of Collins and Swanston Streets, preventing bikes from getting through.

Riders who want to continue south and/or cross the Yarra will need to use alternative routes.

This unexpected route closure is a shock, but riders who not that long again had to deal with the closure of Princes Bridge for tram track renewal, will know the drill.

In the first instance, riders coming down into the city along Swanston Street have the option of using La Trobe Street and taking advantage of the separated lanes to detour east or west.

If detouring west you would continue to William Street and then head south, crossing the Yarra at Queens Bridge.

If detouring east you would continue to Exhibition Street and then head south to Flinders Lane which would get you back to Swanston Street beyond the road closure.

If you are already downstream of La Trobe Street you can turn left at Collins, or right, using the specially installed hook turn box.

You can also use the westbound “little” streets.

For riders who use Collins Street you will not be able to turn left at Swanston, but you will still be able to continue westbound. You may prefer to turn off at Exhibition, either south, or northbound, where you can take advantage of a new hook turn box.

It would not be wise to take any funky short cuts because if something goes amiss you may face unpleasant legal consequences. Not that we are suggesting Melbourne riders would ever do anything like that.

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