May 2022

Singapore’s Integrated Transport Corridor

Singapore's Land Transport Authority is working on a new integrated transport corridor that will include a network of dedicated cycling trunk routes, bus lanes and pedestrian paths.

Melbourne & Sydney share cycling successes

A forum this week in Hobart has heard how COVID-19 restrictions helped the cities of Melbourne and Sydney roll out new separated cycleways a lot quicker than planned and forged important new relationships with the state governments.

New health rules for drivers

It is a tragic reality that somewhere in Australia a bike rider will periodically be fatally injured by a driver with a medical condition.

More money for bikes in WA budget

The WA budget for the next fiscal year is headlined by $347 million for bike riding and walking infrastructure over the next four years.

Dublin Road presents next trail opportunity

The removal of the level crossing at Dublin Road on the Lilydale line in Ringwood East has opened up the next opportunity to start the build-out of the planned bike trail network connecting Melbourne’s suburbs.

New trail addition in Ringwood

The Victorian Government has announced it will complete the Heathmont Rail Trail through to Ringwood as part of the Bedford Road level crossing removal.

Tassie Bike News Bites

This Tassie Bike News Bites looks at Intercity Cycleway work closures, federal election promises, new Back on your Bike sessions in Hobart and Devonport, and Devonport Council's new bike tool on video.

An agenda for healthy cities

A group of cities has banded together with a vision to change the way we think about cities and to make health the single, critical factor around which way we plan our urban environment.

Take me to the river

We’ve got another water themed social rides program over the next fortnight with multiple River Derwent rides in Hobart and a loop around Port Sorell in the north west.

Parkiteer is growing

Parkiteer growth is showing no signs of slowing with many cages planned as part of train station redevelopment projects.

30 Year Hobart Plan open for comment

The Greater Hobart Committee has released for public comment a 30 year plan to guide transport and housing decisions as the population increases.

Main Yarra Trail closure at Lower Plenty

Parks Victoria will be undertaking some asphalt repairs on a northern section of the Main Yarra Trail this week. As a result, sections of the trail will be closed.

Airport Rail re-aligns trail

The construction of the rail link to Melbourne Airport will require a realignment of the M80 ring road trail in Airport West.

Kerferd Road bike lanes dumped

In a puzzling decision the plan to place pop-up bike lanes on Kerferd Road in Albert Park has been withdrawn by the Department of Transport.

Yarra Ranges gets bikes on the bus

Yarra Ranges is the latest council to add bike racks to their bus lines, allowing riders to include public transport as part of their journey.
e-scooter pollution

E-scooters reduce active travel

A recent study into shared e-scooters schemes in a major university city has shown that the use of the devices reduces healthy active travel, especially walking and bike riding.
hs2 bike

Can rail beget trail for UK

Should the UK incorporate bike infrastructure into the development of the multi-billion dollar HS2 high speed train project?