New station to unlock bike corridor

A new station and level crossing removal at Keon Park will unlock the opportunity for a long-planned bike route to Melbourne’s North.

The State Government recently announced that it would replace the existing station and build a rail bridge to carry trains over Keon Parade in Reservoir.

This solution, combined with moving the station from its current site on the northern side of the road to south of Keon Parade, provides an ideal opportunity to thread a shared path through the precinct and switch it from the east side of the rail corridor to the west side.

This arrangement was predicted when the Strategic Cycling Corridor along the rail line was mapped several years ago.

This corridor is an extension of the the St Georges Road bike route that runs along the rail through Keon Park to the M80, and then further north via High Street and Epping Road until it reaches Melbourne's fringes at Bridge Inn Road.

Once built it will be part of an invaluable 40km connection from the north all the way to the CBD.

Some elements of the SCC are due to be delivered soon as part of the Epping Road upgrade.

As well as the bike connection through Keon Park, the level crossings removal project is expected to deliver a new Parkiteer bike parking facility and additional bike hoops at the station.

The Government says the new station will be delivered by 2025.

Designed with safety and convenience in mind, the new station precinct will provide easier access and new local connections to shops, buses and neighbourhoods for the community, the Government says.

The consultation period is now open and you have the opportunity to provide a submission. Make sure to remind them to provide a section of the planned SCC through the station precinct.

You can provide your feedback here

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