Bike rider and car dooring
Have you had a crash on your bike?

We need your help in gathering as much information as possible around the dark side of bike riding—crashing—to help us better understand and prevent negative incidents, however big or small, from occurring in the future.

Having a crash on a bike is an extremely negative experience and can discourage people from riding a bike. Australia must take all necessary actions to ensure that crashes on our roads are prevented.

A problem we face is that bike crashes tend to be underreported. Crash data comes mainly from police and hospital records, which are typically restricted to the most serious of crashes where severe injuries are sustained. The datasets fail to capture low-level crashes and 'near-misses', which can also have a negative effect on people’s lives.

Without a proper understanding of the wider array of road incidents, our knowledge on how to best prevent them from occurring is unfortunately very limited.

This is why Bicycle Network is running its Crash Experience Survey. We want to understand the spectrum of crash experiences, no matter how big or small.

As an incentive to get you involved, you will go into the draw to win 1 of 5 lovely bike goodies, courtesy of our friends at Knog.

Your experiences deserve to be heard. Help us build a better picture of bike crashes, and take appropriate action.