A day in the life of a Catering Volunteer on the Little Vic

Thinking about joining the Catering Team on the Little Vic? Here is what a typical day will look like.

5am – 5.30am: Good morning! Time to wake up and get ready to start your morning breakfast shift. Now is also the time to pack up your belongings ready to move to the next campsite.

5:45am: The breakfast shift starts. You’ll arrive at the catering marquee ready to start serving breakfast to riders, volunteers and the event team from 6am. All volunteers will work the breakfast and dinner shift each day and will be given a rest day during the event.

Before you arrive in the morning, the early breakfast team will have already set up the service area for you! This is a small team of 6 people and they usually start at 4:30am to prepare everything for service, so all you need to do is be ready to serve! Breakfast runs from 6am to 8am. Everyone will be given a break to enjoy their own breakfast.

8:00am – 8:30am: Breakfast service ends. By now most riders will be out on the road. It’s now time to clean up and pack down the equipment ready to be transported to the next campsite.

9am – 10am: Time to head to the next campsite! Most catering volunteers will travel on a coach that departs at approximately 9am. Your luggage will travel with you on the coach.

When we arrive at the next site, there may be some downtime – most services are geared to be running in the afternoon/evening when the riders get in. The marquees will still be going up, and there will be trucks and people going everywhere to get the site ready. The best thing to do is to set up your tent, kick back and keep an eye out for lunch – which is usually delivered to the volunteer area.

12pm: The campsite is open to riders. Watch whilst the riders flood into the site and attempt to claim the best camping spot!

During the early afternoon you will have some free time to do what you wish. There is always plenty to do, such as visiting the local attractions, joining in on the afternoon’s entertainment, watching the riders pass the finish line or simply relaxing at the campsite.

3:00 – 3:30pm: The early breakfast team will return to the catering marquee to set up the service area in preparation for dinner. This team will not serve at dinner time.

4:30pm: The dinner shift starts. It will start with a team meeting where you will learn more about what’s on the menu for the evening, observe a serving demonstration and be allocated your role for the evening. Riding volunteers will join the catering team each evening to assist with dinner service.

5:00pm: Dinner service begins! Be ready to serve riders until about 7.30pm. Everyone will be given a meal break.

7:30pm: Dinner service ends. Now it’s time to clean up the service area and reset the tables ready for breakfast in the morning.

8:30pm: Time to finish up for the night! The rest of the evening is yours to enjoy as you wish whether it be enjoying the evening’s entertainment or settling in for an early night. There is always plenty to get involved with in the evenings including live music, pub trivia, talent quests – even an outdoor cinema!

10:00pm: Lights out on campsite. Time to rest up for another big day tomorrow. Good night!

Interested in volunteering on the Little Vic (Thursday 31 March – Sunday 3 April 2022)? Find out more and register here.

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