New Williamstown Beach route proposed

The historic boulevard along Victoria Street, Williamstown, will become an important new bike route connecting to Williamstown Beach and the Bay Trail.

The one kilometre route from North Williamstown Station to the Bay will become a major north-south connection for bikes and pedestrians, helping to link up a network of important bikes routes as well as access to schools, hospitals and other community facilities.

The proposal from the City of Hobsons Bay has been in development for a number of years and has now gone out to public consultation.

You can view the concept designs and provide feedback here

The project, which has received funding from the TAC, involves broad double-buffered bike lanes, new intersection treatments and crossings, and new design to the awkward junction at Railway Crescent.

The heritage bluestone and trees along the street have been retained.

Williamstown is especially popular with visitors during the summer, and roads leading to the beachfront precincts can be crowded.

Victoria Street, being straight and wide, encouraged speeding with many cars travelling above 60kmh.

The new design tightens traffic lanes to 3.2 metres wide, adds two .6m buffers and a 1.5m bike lane, a configuration proven to calm traffic and reduce the stress endured by riders.

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