New Yarraville path and bridge underway

Construction of the new path along Harris Street at the Yarraville Gardens is underway, along with preparations for the new bike bridge across the Whitehall Street truck route.

This new link will form part of the future Bay Trail/Federation Trail route into Melbourne from the south and west.

The project is an important safety initiative for riders who must currently negotiate the hectic Sommerville Road intersection to connect from the trail along Whitehall Street to trail along Hyde Street.

The project is being delivered by the West Gate Tunnel project which is constructing the northern tunnel portal nearby.

The new path will use Harris Street and then utilise the natural fall of the land to gain the elevation to cross Whitehall Street. 

The first stage of works will go through to February 2022 and will include trimming and vegetation management, and utility relocation along Harris and Whitehall Streets and in Hanmer Reserve (Yarraville Gardens).

Piling and column construction will also be undertaken along Harris Street.

Construction will be focused along Harris Street but there will be some activity in the gardens area. The dog park, sporting field and picnic areas will all still be available for use.

Construction noise and truck movements will be expected during these works, which will mostly be during the day with some activity at night when there is minimal traffic around Whitehall Street.

Stage two is planned to start in 2023 and will include construction of the elevated walking and cycling path that crosses Whitehall Street, and pedestrian upgrades to Harris Street.

Traffic management will be in place on Harris Street between Cowper and Whitehall Street for the works during stage one.

Riders should also be alert to increased activities the lower section of Parker Street and Maribyrnong Street associated with construction of the bridges over the Maribyrnong River.

Noise and occasional road closures on Maribyrnong Street are expected during these works.

Preparatory works will start in October and include trimming and management of vegetation, as well as alterations to Maribyrnong Street including temporary removal or relocation of carpark spaces.

Installation of the bridge girders for the bridges over the Maribyrnong River is planned to start early 2022.

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