Blayney's main street reimagined

The Blayney Shire Council and Place Design Group presented (via Zoom) a reimagined main street that included dedicated bike lanes and traffic-calming infrastructure.

The new plans proposed a removing of the traditional nose-in parking you see in many regional main streets, and included narrowed streets, limited parallel parking, one way streets, wider footpaths, pedestrian pinch points, footpath dining and dedicated bike lanes in both directions.

Two large new carparking areas are also proposed off the main street. 

Place Design Groups Director Nick Ison said that narrowing Adelaide Street would make it a safer and more enjoyable place to be.

"Wide open carriageways encourage faster vehicle speeds," he said. "By narrowing Adelaide Street with wider footpaths, bike lanes and pedestrian pinch points it will slow vehicles and promote safer pedestrian movement."

The bold plans are all part of the Blayney 2020 Master Plan and Implementation Strategy.

The Blayney Chronicle reported that: "the council's Director of Infrastructure Services Grant Baker said that feedback from business and the community is an integral part of the continued development of the plans, and judging by the questions asked during the presentation, there will be many."

You can download the recording of the presentation, as well as the overall project summary and give feedback via the council website.

Survey responses are open until 30 September 2021. 

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