Can I still ride my bike outdoors?

Last updated: Thursday 18 September 2021.

While we live in an unpredictable world where coronavirus restrictions and lockdowns can be snapped in place, we are lucky that we are still able to go outside and ride a bike for exercise and transport.

This page has the latest advice for bike riding in Victoria and the rest of Australia, including where and how long you can ride for. 

Remember keep your distance, stay safe and stop the spread of COVID-19. Get tested even if you have the mildest of symptoms.

Guidelines for Victoria

If you live in metropolitan Melbourne and designated regional hotspots, you can ride a bike for exercise within 15kms of your home for up to four hours a day. You cannot exercise during curfew hours of 9:00pm–5:00am.

Fully vaccinated people can now exercise in groups of up to five people from no more than two households. Dependents under the age of 18 do not count in the limit.

All others can ride with can ride with one other person or the people you live with. You should carry a mask whenever you ride in case you need to put it on.

You can also ride your bike for transport when leaving home to shop for food, goods or services, go to work, get vaccinated or for caregiving.

Please do not try to bend the rules. Do not extend the time of your rides, do not ride in groups, do not go out of your 10km zone. If we stick to the rules, the sooner we will all be able to ride together again.

If you live in regional Victoria, you can exercise anywhere across regional Victoria with up to 10 people. There's is no limit on the amount of time you can exercise for.

Guidelines for New South Wales

If you live in New South Wales you can ride a bike for exercise in your local government area. If you need to cross into another local government area, stay within 5km of your home.

You can only ride with one other person you do not live with or with your nominated visitor. If you live with more than two other people, you can all ride together.

You can also ride a bike for transport for any other reasonable excuse to leave home, such as getting food, going out for medical or caring reasons or for work or education if it is not possible to do it at home.

You should carry a mask whenever you ride in case you need to put it on.

Rest of Australia

While you are currently free to ride a bike as much as you like in most states, there are some restrictions on home visitors and mask rules. It is also important to monitor your health and not go for a ride if you are experiencing coronavirus symptoms.

See your state's website for the latest local information about coronavirus.

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