Game-changing e-bike tech upgrades on the way

E-bikes are not only increasing in popularity across the world, they’re getting smarter.

Most of the major e-bike models will undergo major technological advances over the next two years, thanks to Bosch’s new ‘smart system’.

Bosch is one of the key players in the e-bike industry. Most e-bikes are fitted with Bosch batteries, motors, computers. This is why Bosch’s new ‘smart system’ is going to make a huge impact across the market.

Some of the exciting technology on the horizon includes

  • communication between bikes and cars, to analyse the road environment and detect hazards in advance;
  • seamless connection between e-bikes and smartphone tracking apps, such as Apple Health;
  • a smartphone app that allows users to ‘personalise’ their e-bike for different riding configurations and modes;
  • higher capacity batteries; and
  • LED control units.

The e-bike market is currently booming across the world. In fact, e-bikes are projected to outsell cars in Europe this decade.

Bosch will start rolling out its new smart system in 2022.

Check out this article in Techradar for more information.

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