Removing hazards is as easy as snap, send, solve

Do you have a bike riding hazard in your neighbourhood that its become second-nature to avoid? Don't wait for an accident to happen – snap it, send it and solve it through Snap Send Solve.

The bike riding community is a close-knit bunch who take pride in having each others back, and this is one of the best tools to help ensure your community is a safe place for riders.

Snap Send Solve is a reporting app that is fast and convenient to use on your phone, sends direct notifications to the right authority or local council and allows you to upload images and geolocations – helping solve issues quickly.

We previously wrote about a hazard on Little Bourke Street in Melbourne CBD that went...

from this...
to this...
to fixed...

...via Snap Send Solve reporting from a Bicycle Network team member. 

And the success stories from other bike riders are rolling in also. 

Mike from Perth noticed the thorny weed Caltrop growing near bike paths – very effective at puncturing bike tyres. He is managing to keep the paths as thorn-free as possible by reporting through Snap Send Solve.

Examples of reports that can improve safety for bike riders include:
  • Debris on roads or in bike lanes
  • Pot holes
  • Dangerous road plates
  • Bike path asphalt lifting due to tree roots
  • Dangerous gaps around stormwater drains
  • Traffic signage faults

Some more examples of wins for people who ride bikes can be seen below:

You can download the Snap Send Solve app via the links below, and start snapping/sending today.
Feature 📸 credit: Bike Pittsburgh