Tassie Bike News Bites
Kingborough BUG has arrived

A new Bicycle Users Group for the Kingborough region (KBUG) has been formed for all those people who currently ride or want to.

KBUG intends to organise informal rides, share information, advocate for better cycling conditions and promote bike riding for transport and recreation.

To get involved, sign up at They already have some information up about the new bike plan that the Kingborough Council’s Bicycle Advisory Committee has been working on with staff and consultants.

We’re hiring!

We are looking for a friendly and innovative program coordinator to help us deliver the Back on Your Bike program and expansion of Ride2Uni and Ride2School programs.

All details are on Seek at - applications are due first thing Monday 12 July.

Please pass on the job advert if you know someone who loves bikes and has experience or qualifications in training, education, coaching or event management.

Better understand your cycling body

Whether you jump on your bike to get to the shops or use it as your main form of exercise, you may be interested in participating in this research to improve your muscle health while riding.

La Trobe University's Rural Health School is looking for volunteers who have ridden for at least 20 minutes a day, three days a week or more over the past 6 months to undertake a telehealth assessment of their riding position and strength and flexibility.

If you are interested email

Kingborough connecting path upgraded

Kingborough Council has finished upgrading this handy short path between Mt Pleasant Road and Kingston View Drive to a better standard for riders.

Mt Pleasant road heads under the Huon Highway so is a useful link for people riding between the two sides of Kingston.

Ride leaders wanted in north-west

Our North-West Riders group are training up new leaders to deliver their monthly rides and are calling out for other riders who may be interested.

The training will take place on Sunday 25 July at St Pauls Church hall, Church Street, East Devonport from 10 am until about 1 pm and is free as long as you intend to volunteer on the Bicycle Network social rides.

If you are interested in joining, contact Roger at

Weekend in Deloraine

And speaking of our North-West Riders, they had a great riding weekend at the end of June in and around Deloraine.

A special shout-out to the Empire Hotel in Deloraine which is so well set up for touring cyclists that even the bartender dresses to cater to the crowd.