COMA ready to roll

Ten new murals in 6 locations have gone up along the Hobart Intercity Cycleway in the past few months as part of the Corridor of Modern Art project organised by Glenorchy City Council and Vibrance Festival.

Keep an eye out for the colourful additions to the sometimes dismal looking industrial backdrop on your usual rides, or get yourself on a bike to do a dedicated viewing of the works.

The murals extend from Moonah to MONA and more than 70 artists applied to take part, with 10 chosen for the final spots. They include walls that are several stories as well as the more compact backs of residential garages.

We’ve put together a brief summary of the artists for you to do a self-guided tour, but you can also see the artworks and artists on Instagram at Instagram @CorridorOfModernArt. We’ve  included the individual artists’ Instagram handles and web addresses so you can investigate their other works.

More information about the murals and artists is also being added to:

1. Tom Deams (@tomdeams) has taken over a huge wall at 5–9 Main Rd Moonah, near Albert Rd, centred on a scary looking volcano with Goofy making an appearance on his MTB underneath trees with watchful owls.

2. Sarah Wells (@freekshow_) has created one of her iconic giant hunchbacked characters at the back of BCF Moonah, near Derwent Park Rd, you might have seen her previous Vibrance contribution “It’s Okay to Not be Okay” at 93 Bathurst Street, Hobart. She was still putting the final touches on her piece when we visited this week.

3. Joel Gadja – Gives a nod to the trains with his rail tunnel reaching into the back of BCF Moonah, near Derwent Park Rd, next to a wise looking old tree ready for kids to start swinging. He’s been involved with Vibrance before at the 60 Burnett St site:

4. Jennifer Tyers (@jen_tyers) has created a portrait of a mutton birder at the back of BCF Moonah, near Derwent Park Rd. It’s a striking piece of art, looking more like a linocut print than a towering mural.

5. Bec Adamczewski (@becskidesign) is another nature lover, transforming the back of BCF Moonah, near Derwent Park Rd with banksia, insects and other flowers and leaves. Like Jen Tyers, her work bucks the notion of what street art typically looks like, with the panel looking more like intricate wallpaper.

6. Tom O’Hern (@tomohernia) is a well known Tasmanian artist and the bright yellow and red smiling face in his signature style stands out a mile at 237 Main Rd, Derwent Park. He has participated in Vibrance before at the Bidencopes Lane site.

7. Jamin (@jamin.artist) can be seen all around Tasmania, with his love of birds and nature on show in his stunning large-scale naturalistic murals. This wall at the back of Northgate at Anfield St, Glenorchy features Satin Flycatchers emerging out of a portal with a banded bee buzzing in the foreground.

8. Neils Oeltjen (@nielsoeltjen) has transformed a small garage wall at the back of 1 Lodge Street, Glenorchy, into an intriguing splash of pinks and greens on dark background: think Pink Floyd album cover.

9. Ben Jacobson – has painted another garage wall at the back of 31 Stourton St, Montrose with happy looking scene of toadstools, a wizard, blue skies and the reminder of MAGIC, this one will be popular with the youngsters. 

10. Todd Jacobson (@drainbead_) has created a futuristic looking other-worldly mural at the Berriedale underpass with strong orange and purples that make it pop from its surrounds. Todd’s has also contributed to Vibrance before at 60 Burnett Street, North Hobart.

As well as the official COMA works, there are three other significant murals along the same stretch of the cycleway.

  • Joel Gadja and Jonny Scholes' train mural – The striking red and yellow train harks back to the corridor in its hey-day and is signed 1978, the year passenger trains finished in Hobart. This is up high at the back of 13 Clarendon Street, New Town.
  • Tom Deams mural of Garfield and Odie, who is holding a cocktail and boombox and looking like he’s ready to holiday! At the back of 7 Sunderland Street, Moonah.
  • Odie’s “Some Day I’ll Fly!” brightly coloured blue and yellow mural of caterpillars and emerging butterfly. At the back of 10 Birdwood Avenue, Moonah.

If you'd like to see exactly where to ride to see the artworks visit our RidewithGPS page, and if you are a Bicycle Network member you can download the map to your phone for easier navigation.